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How to Securely Send Email and Texts – Encrypted

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How to Securely Send Email and Texts – Sending message has become part of our daily life. Every time we hit the “Send button”. Hackers don’t need to break into your phone to steal your data but they can intercept messages or break into people devices. As far they have your email or text. But there is only one way you can protect your messages that is by making it unreadable.

How to Securely Send Email and Texts

Image if hackers were allowed to see all that you do online, like your transaction, account name and password. All of that doesn’t need to be compromised.

The most powerful defence against hackers is called “end to end encryption.” Encryption is a way to secure and protect your conversations from being read by others. Even if a hacker intercepts them they would not be able to read it. Therefore, the best way to protect your message is “end to end encryption”.

How to securely send Encrypted Email

For you to really send and receive encrypted email is by using a well-protected email. Here we are going to show you some of this email: which are listed below

How to Securely Send Email and Texts – Encrypted emails

Take it or leave it, big email service like Gmail Yahoo does not render end to end encryption. Some believe a company like Gmail or yahoo wants to read their messages.

But the simple understand to this is that encryption is hard to implement, and it requires all users to participate. For instance, if your email uses encryption but mine doesn’t, the process is no longer end to end. That mean,  that will make your message to be vulnerable.

For business and organizations that required high-security measure or individual service, you can make use of the standout service below that provide end to end encryption email service.  Which is explained below;


This is the most popular end to end encryption company service and it takes the privacy of its users very seriously. The company is based in Switzerland, it has gained national fame for its privacy standards and its servers are literally buried underground.

It has a limited free version and a more paid version for its package. You can also use their service for your website domain. The company boasts that even they themselves (developers) can’t read their user’s emails.


Mailfence is another end to end encryption between one Tunanota user and the next, and they can also allow you to create secure passwords for viewing Tutanota – sent emails on other services, like Gmail.


This is another service you can use, this help to render decoy email addresses, making it difficult for a recipient (or hacker) to decode who send the message. This could be used malevolently, and also protect email from abusive responses.

How to send Encrypted messages

Sending end to end encryption messages on the phone has been made possible by some messaging app like WhatsApp and the rest of them. Here are three of the biggest I recommended:

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is mainly designed for convert communication. And is available for iPhone users, Android users, and you can also use it on desktops.

It is the end to end encrypted message. You can also set a timer for your message to be deleted automatically.

Apple’s Messages app

This is only available by iPhone users to iPhone users or iOs to MacOs. This protects messages and attachments sent between two Apple gadgets.

Here, messages sent to Android users are not encrypted.

Whatsapp messaging

WhatsApp has gained in popularity for it frees text and voice messaging. The apps are available for various devices like Windows and macOS computers and as well as iOs and Android mobile devices.

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