How to Search For Singles on Facebook – Groups on FB

How to Search For Singles on Facebook – list of Dating Groups on Facebook -Are you thinking of how to search for a single on Facebook? Here is a guide on how to do it? If you are Facebook users, then it will be straightforward to search and meet singles on the website.

How to Search For Singles on Facebook
How to Search For Singles on Facebook

How to Search For Singles on Facebook

You can start by checking on your friend’s profiles to see if any interest you. To do this is simply go to their profile by clicking on their page to check their relationship status. It is not listed, then go through their pictures and posts to see if they have a partner. Once you see they are single, then you can chat the person up to begin a conversation.

Use “Suggested Friends List”

When you click on “Find Friends” on your profile, you will see a list of suggested friends. You can go through their profile and check if anyone single and suite your taste. If you feel they may be a match, you can send a friend request or message the person.

How to Search for Singles on Facebook –  using  “Discover People” Feature

You can use “discover people” feature to search people near you. Here, you can search by city, education level, and work history to locate new people. You can use this feature to find people you have met before. And mind you, you will be shown to everyone who lives in your area. This feature can also be accessed through:

How to search for Single on Facebook using Mutual Friends

Here is another way to search for friends by using mutual. That is Friends – of friends who catch your fancy. You can do this by scrolling through the photos your friends are tagged in or checking at the profiles of friends you have a lot in common with. Once you see any you like and you are already friends then, it will be so easy to start a conversation with her.

You can form a group chat with your mutual friend and ask them to invite the person as well.

If the person you are interested in shows interest in your comments on your mutual friend’s post. You can make a move and respond to start a conversation from there. Or try interaction with the person in the comment section and thereafter send a friend request.

How to Search Single on Facebook using the Search Bar

You can navigate to a search bar on your Facebook profile at the top and type the keywords. It could be the name of the person, group or company.

Join Facebook Groups in Your Area

You can make use of different Facebook groups to meet people with similar interests. If it is a private group, you can request to join. Here is the link to access Facebook groups:

Use Facebook Events to meet People in your Area

With the Facebook event, you can see what is happening in your area and the event if it interests you. There is an area of discussion, which could help you connect with other people who are going.

Attending events in your area can help you to meet some new friends, which some might be singles.

You can give a try to all of these features and meet eligible singles on Facebook.

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