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How to recover deleted text messages on android without computer

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Have you been in that situation when you realized some important file or text messages have just been deleted? How will you handle such a situation? Such users will go through a lot to recover such crucial messages if the deleted file is very important. There are ways you will know how to recover deleted text messages on Android without computer.

Are you aware that file doesn’t really disappear from your computer when you delete them? This is exactly true. Those files are hidden somewhere in the can or recycle bin waiting to be retrieved or deleted permanently. This is likewise what happen to your phone when you delete SMS/file as well except when overwrites.

How to recover deleted text messages on android without computer

How deletion works

You might be thinking how this is possible. It is not actually complex once you understand how deletion works. In some case, deleting a file such as SMS or MMS messages does not actually erase it from the device. That is, your device will show it mark, as an inactive file. When you delete a file mistakenly and continuing operating your phone, it might completely delete the file. So it is advisable you stop using your phone when you realized you need to recover that text message.

Recover delete text from Android phones without Computer

You will be able to recover deleted text messages without a computer. This could only be possible when you have activated the backup feature on your Android phone such as Google drive.

To check if your Android phone is automatically backings up data go to settings to your Google account;

Go to your phone settings app.

Enter the system and then back up.

Verify that the backup option is turned on.

NOTE: if you did not back up your device before your file was deleted you would not be able to recover it.

If you already backup your device then go further to recover your file with steps below;

Open it, sign in with user name and password using Gmail.

Click the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.

Go to settings.

Select Google Backup.

And select SMS messages on the new menu.

NOTE: If Google drive is already installed on your device, that means, probably your texts is backing up already. Therefore, you have to restore the deleted text immediately as Google Drive updates its backup every 12 to 24 hours.

How to back up and restore Android Text messages

Users can take some steps to recover their messages by setting up an automatic back up. So you wouldn’t have to worry how to recover deleted message any more.

How to back up and restore Android Text messages

To set this up easily use a free app called SMS Backup & Restore for your best bet. It can easily be set up, runs on schedule, and back up to cloud storage. Here is how to set it up;

Install the app on your Android phone.

Permit the app to access your information.

Click set up a backup on the main screen.

Tap advance options to enable backing up MMS and Emoji

Or back up the only conversation.

Next, the select location where you want the file to back up to.

The app supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and stores locally to phone.

Choose any of your choices.

Connect your account and specify how long to keep backup.

And finally, select how often to perform the backup. Recommend (daily) interval in most case.

Tap backup now to start a backup and schedule. With this, your messages will now be protected. You can choose to restore from the menu when you want to recover messages.

Download: SMS Backup & Restore (Free). Source How to recover deleted text messages on android without computer

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