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How to Record Calls on an iPhone

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It might interest you to know that there is no built-in way to record phone calls using an iPhone. Since some countries and state has given Apple-specific law to follow. So Apple does not make it easy at all to record a phone call.

 Despite its difficulties, it is still possible to record iPhone calls using some method.

If you want to make use of any of these methods. It is saver to notify the other party at the other end of the call that you are going to record it. This is done for consent reason. If you want to record the calls secretly, you should consider the legal law in place.

1.  How to Record Calls on an iPhone without Apps

This is the simplest and dirtiest way of recording a phone call from your iPhone.  To use this method, you need to have another device in place with a microphone that can record like an iPad, computer or portable recording device in other to work.

So long you are not in a noising environment and you can use your iPhone speaker it is easy to pull off:

Go to your contact list and call the contact.

Tap on the speaker icon.

Notify the other party that you will be recording the conversation.

Then start recording on your external recorder.

Take your phone close to the speaker of the recorder.

Save the recording when your phone call is finished.

NOTE: On an iOS device, you can record the call using Apple’s Voice Meos app. While on Mac and computer I will suggest free audio editing and recording workhorse.

How to Record Calls on an iPhone

2. Record Incoming iPhone Calls using Google Voice

One of the trending free VOIP calling services available in US and Canada is Google Voice. This provides you with a free U.S phone number, voicemail inbox and the ability to make calls both local (free) and internationally as per Google’s Voice calling Rates.

Record Incoming iPhone Calls using Google Voice

To use this Google voice you need to have the Google Voice app on your device. It is available for web and also Android and iOS devices. The special part of the app is its ability to record phone calls. But you need to set up the service on your device before you can enjoy this function. Below is how to set up the service:

Download the Google Voice app for iPhone.

Open it and sign in using your Google account.

Click search and select the new phone number you want to associate with your Google Voice account.

Confirm your number.

Then tap next until you are asked to enter mobile number.

Enter your iPhone’s phone number.

Then confirm, and wait for a verification code.

Use the code they will send to you to verify your new Google Voice setup.

Finally, you have to complete this last step before you can record calls. Open the Google Voice website and sign in to your Google account if need be. And then, click on the gear icon in the upper-right part of the page to open the setting menu.


 Select the calls tab menu on the left side of the page.

Scroll down until you see incoming call options.

And then enable this setting. (Incoming call option).

When you have done the above steps. You can now receive a call via Google Voice account and press 4 Key on your iPhone phone and start recording your conversation. When you do this Google will automatically notify the other party that is being recorded. Your recorded voice note will be located in your Google Voice inbox.  You might want to download it for future purpose.

Sadly, there no method to record outgoing phone calls using Google voice for now.

3. Using a Third-party App to Record phone calls

 A lot of third – party iPhone call recorders available out there. but one true free iPhone call recorder app is that of Rev Call Recorder. To use this very easy;

The first thing to do is to download the app.

Confirm your phone number by adding it when prompted.

Enter the code you receive for verification.

The process might be stressful for some people but the app offers a built-in tutorial.

Once you have done that.

Click start recorded call.

Then choose Outgoing Call or incoming Call.

NOTE: For outgoing calls, you will need to cal Rev Call Recorder service, and then call the person you want to talk to. Once both calls are connected, tap the Merge Calls button to begin recording.

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