How to Make Money from App – Earn Money From App

How to Make Money from App – App has been trending for the past years now. We have noticed substantial growth in the mobile app market; smartphones have become an essential part of our day to day lives. Gone are those days, were making money from apps was questionable but recently is now considered to earn some bucks.

How to Make Money from App
How to Make Money from App

These days, almost everybody is aware of several apps to download, explore and do research on. A few of them charge their users while most of them are free. Thus, there is no rule set for an app to perform in the market. cross-platform mobile development will fetch you more profits for app developers.

Furthermore, a lot of money is made from a mobile app. Here, we will be discussing how to prioritize some key points for your app to bring in some profits.

How to Make Money from App – In-App Ads

The most effective way to earn money from your app is to feature advertisements on your app. When you own an app all the views, clicks,  nature of the ads will generate revenue.

And also Video ads, video ads will earn you more money compared to banner ads, interstitial ads may get you more money as they will pop up anytime on the screen as the user opens the app on their devices. Note; make sure it is kept short and informative.

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Paid Apps

We have some few Apps that have a price tag on them. So for one to use them you have to pay for it. Though, is really not profitable for one to design app and make it free.

But there is a downside to this paid app since many are used to free one.


Connect to sponsors that are targeting similar audiences as they are more interested in your app to reach their customers. From this approach, you and your sponsor will both benefit from it.

As the app owner, you will gain from your sponsors brand popularity and web traffic. This strategy is more likely available for the apps that already had users.

App upgrades

Some of the free app version attracts users by offering premium level products like app-based merchandise; advance level upgrades, virtual stuff and so on. As the user gets used to the app they are mostly going to spend money on the app without any delay.


Although it is not really a good idea to introduce a paid version of apps, at the start you can launch your app on a free trial version for a certain period of time and therefore put a charge. Once the users are addicted to your app they will want to pay you the subscription charges for further usage.

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