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How To Make a photo collage on iPhone

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How To Make a photo collage on iPhone -We all know a picture speaks more volume for itself. Well, a photo collage is worth ten thousand worlds. You can create a photo collage on your iPhone that is so amazing.

How To Make a photo collage on iPhone

Photo collage is a way of sharing more than one photo in a single post or share a story. There are a thousand scenarios where you will want to create and share collage.

maybe you just bought a new outfit and you want to show off to your friends or your child birthday. Photo collage is a way to show people what you are excited about.

While the iPhone does not have a built-in feature that lets you create photo collage, but there is a lot of app for that.

The best Photo Collage App for iPhone

With so many apps available for creating a photo collage with your iPhone, it can be tough to pick which one to use.

With our experience  with most of them, we can narrow down our pick to the four listed  below, here is characteristic that we put into consideration we think are important:

Recent updates to the app: a lot of apps have been abandoned and they are not working well again.

High star rating: the apps listed below are all rated 4+

The high number of star ratings: The best apps have a good number of users, and they are ranked based on the rating they have.

Free app functionality: this apps for the iPhone can be pricey, both to purchase and, after you buy it, to buy additional functionality through in-app purchases.

Variety of photo collage layouts: the iPhone photo collage apps listed below has a good eye-pleasing layout.  Ensuring you can find one that fits your images.

Photogrid Photo & Collage Maker

1.Photogrid is a video and picture collage creator and has a good photo editor with millions of users. This app is one of the best choices if you are looking to create a photo collage on the iPhone.

How To Make a photo collage on iPhone

2.Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a fully functioned photo collage making apps for iPhone, it has over 190 million people using this pic collage to create a fantastic grouping of a favourite photo.

The only downside about this app has is that is not completely free. you are limited to some features.

3. Photo Collage by Collageable

So many of photo collage is available on apple store if you search for it. But search for an app made by “Collageable”.

This photo Collage includes hundreds of collage layouts, frames stickers and body filters to make your photos look good as possible.

4.Instagram’s Layout to Make a Photo Collage on your iPhone

This has a simple layout and is easy to use; work well with Instagram. You can make a photo collage using layout by Instagram on your iPhone.

How it works

Install and Open the Layout app

The home screen will show the photos from your library, and you can sort by tapping Faces or Recent at the bottom part of the screen.

Click on photo to add them.

Scroll through various collage options at top of the screen, and then choose one option.

Pinch two fingers open or closed across the screen to zoom in or out on any photo.

Options at the bottom enable you to rotate through photos, replacing a photo, or adding a border to a photo.

Once you are done with your photo layout, tap save.

Look down at the bottom of your screen for sharing options.

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