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how to delete Tiktok account without phone number

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Are you ready to delete your TikTok Account – How to reduce your privacy risk or you wanted to force your kids to use Tiktok? TikTok does not actually take much of your data than Facebook. here we shall guide you through how to delete Tiktok account without phone number and how to delete Tiktok account without logging in.

The platform has been tirelessly working on their video social network privacy in the past few weeks. On July 7th Secretary of the state, Mike Pompeo mention about the U.S banning TikTok. And caution masses putting their private information in the hands of Chinese Communist Party. 10th July, Democratic National Committee cautioned staffs concerning the use of TikTok. Amazon also told their work to stop using TikTok on their work phone the same day. But later said the message was sent in error.

How to delete TikTok Account

Table of contents

1. What data TikTok Gather?

2. Is TikTok better or worse than Facebook?

3. How to reduce your privacy risk and keep using TikTok

4. How to delete TikTok Account

1. What data does TikTok gather?

 Apart from TikTok Video, you watch, and the duration of the watch videos,  it has the full contents privacy messages you can also send via the app.

According to U.S privacy policy, says it gather your location, internet address and the type of device you are using. If you also allow it, it will grab your exact location, phone contacts and other social media connections, like age and phone number.

With other information related to your profile not only for useful ads targets. But to know exactly who you are, you’re friends, family, what you like and what make you laugh and share with your friends.

2. Is TikTok better or worse than Facebook?

In other hands, TikTok gathers fewer data compared to Facebook. Facebook tracks users across their devices websites or other apps. They can even track you even when your phone is off. But there is nothing close to that on TikTok.

3. How to reduce your privacy risk and keep using TikTok

There is a TikTok privacy setting called “personalized ads” this will allow you to stop the app from accessing your information to target you with ads. But this setting will not stop Tiktok from collecting your data in the first place.

In my opinion: it is not ideal to give TikTok your privacy like your real name, access to your contacts or other social network connection.

You can also access TikTok without giving it your phone number or email by never logging in. but can still watch videos in the app on the web, though you would not be able to upload videos or follow the account. But TikTok can still know information about your device.

4. How to delete TikTok Account from your Phone

Before telling us how to delete TikTok account you must be aware that after requesting for deletion. TikTok will first deactivate the profile for 30 days after then it will be deleted, If you did not login with that 30 days. Below are the steps to delete the TikTok account.

Click on the app to open.

Go to your profile

And click on the “three-dot” at top of your phone screen

Click on Manage my account option.

Scroll down and click “delete”.

Then you will be asked to verify your details and then redirected to delete account page.

NOTE: once your account is deleted, you wouldn’t be able to log in to that account again and you will lose access to any of your videos posted.


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