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How to Delete Shared Photos On Facebook Messenger

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How to Delete Shared Photos On Facebook Messenger – We can delete our shared photos, the content we shared with our friends on Facebook messenger. Some Facebook User has reported that whenever they try to delete shared content on facebook messenger threads they still see the share photos and content. People still see their shared photos, content after many years from some other device. It may be as a result of your device or you are not deleting it properly.

 How to Delete Shared Photos On Facebook Messenger -
How to Delete Shared Photos On

Mostly shared photos will not be available if you log in a messenger from some other device. That is because the messenger saves photos in the cache files. And user cannot remove shared photos even after deleting cache from their mobile phones.

How to delete shared photos on Facebook messenger

1.  The most common way people go about to delete shared photo is to long-press the photo in the chat thread and select delete. But this can only delete the content from your side while the content will still be available on the other person phone.

For you to permanently delete shared content and photo on your facebook messenger from both side users is to totally uninstall the app on your mobile phone. Delete the app on your phone and wait for some minutes. Then install the messenger app again on your phone and you will discover the photo or content is no longer there.

2.  You can also use this method to delete a shared photo by following this trick. Assuming you want to delete the photo you once shared with Mary. Create a new Facebook group chat that will have three people in it. Once that is done: You, Mary and some other user. You may add any other friend. After you have created the group, ask your friend to leave the chat group, so that only you and Mary will remain in the group. So automatically the chat thread will override the previous chat thread of you and Mary. Therefore removing all the shared photos and content.

3. Also for Android users, you can follow these simple steps below.

Go to settings and app manager

And then delete cache and data for the facebook messenger app.

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