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    How to Create Facebook Business page link

    How to Create Facebook Business page link – As we carry out almost our activities online this day. It is smart for business owners to create a Facebook Business Page Link online. This is another way to create awareness about their business both physical stores and online. Having a business page on Facebook has helped plenty of business owners to grow and reach many customers online and physical. If you are looking for how to grow your business online this article is for you. Please, make sure you read through carefully as I provide the basic information you need to create and optimize your Facebook business page link.

    How to Create Facebook Business page link

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    Facebook Business Page Link

    Facebook Sign up create Facebook Business Page

    How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

    How to Create Facebook Business page link –  Facebook Business Page Link

    Is a way of creating a business page via the Facebook web page? This is a means to connect to more customer online using Facebook platform both local and international. By doing this, you are creating awareness and growing your business.

    Facebook Sign Up

    For you to have a Facebook business page, you must first have an account with the platform. Here is the step by step on how to create this:

    Go to your browser on your device and open it.

    Type in www.facebook.com

    Click on “Create an account” under the login section.

    Fill in your information; first name, surname, Mobile number or email address, new password, date of birth, and gender.

    And then, click on “Sign up”

    Once that is done, you will receive a confirmation code either your email or phone number depends on the one you use.

    Enter the code for verification.

    Then, your account will be created and ready for access. Your profile page will be shown and other details of you like location, Job and other settings if necessary.

    How to Create Facebook Business Page

    Once you have a Facebook account, it is very easy to create the business page. Here are the steps to follow to create a Facebook business page.

    Enter facebook.com on your browser.

    Sign in to your account.

    Click on “Create” at the header section (or you can)

    And click on “Get Started”

    Under “Business or Brand”.

    Fill in the page name.

    Select a category, and click continues.

    Add a profile picture and a cover photo for your business page.

    Create a username for your business page and click on “create a username”.

    Add business details; description, categories, contact, location and other necessary options.

    Then, click “Save changes”

    After that, click on “See more” in the left menu, click About, and then click “Our story” on the right-hand side.

    Write a story in respect of your business page and click on “Publish” to save it.

    After successful completion of your page. You can now start to interact with customers and optimize your page.

    How to Optimize your Facebook Business Page

    Optimizing your Facebook business page is very necessary, as this will help you to reach your marketing target. Here are three ways to optimize your page.

    Call to Action: adding call to action to your page, make it easy to provide to customers what they are looking for. As this will help you to engage them in real life. To add this;

    Click on the blue box, i.e. +Add a button

    Choose the kind on the button you want to add.

    Click on Finish once you’re done.

    Pin Post: the second method is pinned post; this is a post that is pinned to the top of the page after the cover image. Make sure you add catchy pinned post to your page to attract customers. To also add this; click on the “Three dots”

    At the right top of the post and

    Then click “Pin to Top of a Page” any of your post.

    The last method is to like other people post pages that are related to your line of business.

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