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How to Create an Instagram Top Nine for 2019

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How to Create an Instagram Top Nine for 2019 – IF you are a fan of Instagram. You are always posting photos from your last concert or your summer vacation, updating your story with video from your night out. Instagram has made it easy to keep in touch with your friends and family around the world. Just like celebrity account allows us a peek inside a world of luxury most of us will never know and also IGTV has provided us with some serious entertainment since its launch in 2018. Still, Instagram has never lost its mission of focusing on photo sharing, though; they have become one of the biggest social networks online today.

How to Create an Instagram Top Nine for 2019

 As we are almost at the end of 2019, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on the past year, if you are a die-hard Instagram fan, there is no better way to do that than your Top Nine of Instagram.

It is one of the top features for Instagram now, it seems to be a very popular year. But if you not familiar this you might know where to start. Here is how Top Nine Instagram works.

What is the Top Nine?

Top nine for Instagram is one of the feature tool built for the popular social network that allows you to automatically create a photo montage that features your nine most popular photos of the years. The app had been in use since 2015 and has exploded in popularity. This is becoming a popular end of year’s tradition for many Instagram fans, regardless of follower count. From minimal Finsta accounts to celebrities with the largest base of follower on Instagram.

How to Create an Instagram Top Nine for 2019 -What Does Top Nine Do?

Basically, Top Nine function to create that collage photo, featuring your nine most popular photos from throughout the year in a grid format. It can also collect the number of likes you have earned throughout the year, as well as a rough average of likes per post. if you really like seeing your post likes, this is the right feature for you.

With this app, you can also create a video of your posts, instead of a customizable grid. You have to log into the app and follow the step below to get started.

How to use Top Nine Instagram

For you to use this app, you have to first download it on Google play store for Android users while iPhone user can also download it on Apple store. Once you have downloaded the app. Open the app on your device and set it up by;

Entering your Instagram Users name

Once that is done Top nine will ask you to submit your email.

After entering your email (or bypassing the process altogether), you will be redirected to your phone’s browser and asked to log into your account.

Top Nine will then request to access your basic Instagram information including your media and profile information.


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