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How I combine acting with politics — Desmond Elliot

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When Nollywood star, Desmond Elliot, challenged and won a seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2015, not a few pondered what might happen to his acting profession?

Four years down the line, the 45-year-old entertainer turned government official seems to have discovered a path around it.

“I don’t really go about to such an extent, however, I’m in reality behind the scene and behind the camera,” he disclosed to PREMIUM TIMES as of late.

“The reason why I do this is that I don’t want to give the impression that ‘I don dey where money dey and I don forget them’ (I am now in riches and I have forgotten Nollywood)’’.

“At the end of the day, you must fall back to something. So, I’m still making sure that Nollywood grows. I’m not necessarily acting but my company still produces movies, I ensure it happens,” he told PREMIUM TIMES in Lagos.

The actor revealed how he has been joining the two jobs amid an interview with this newspaper at a recent meet-and-welcome with Nollywood superfans in Nigeria occasion sorted out by a Nigerian film organization, ROK Studios.

Legislative issues was a completely new territory for Desmond who studied Economics at the Lagos State University.

When he declared his intention to venture into politics in 2014, he said he was set up for the undertaking ahead. After some time, he has procured some new abilities and experience some training to succeed in the job.

He noted, “To be quite honest, even the political world is demanding so, I do less of entertainment things now. This is because even politically I have to grow, now this is my second term. I’m not hoping in my third term I want to remain like this, ‘me sef go wan go up’ (I want to move higher).

“That means for that to happen, I’ll have to learn the ropes better. For instance, I’m currently running two masters programmes, one in Business Administration and the other in Social Studies. I must ‘sharpen’ my brain, and then politically, I have to be very involved.”

Desmond, who is a dad to two sets of twins, was influenced by a friend to turn into an entertainer. He started his career by playing roles in now rested soap operas like ‘Everyday People’, ‘One Too Much’ and ‘Saints and Sinners’ in the late 90s.

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He has proceeded to turn out to be one of Nollywood’s driving entertainers, having showed up in more than two hundred movies.

During this interview, the actor depicted his acting ability as innate.

He stated, “A few people like me born actors while others need to learn and consummate their specialty. In any case, it doesn’t imply that individuals who learn won’t accomplish results.”

There cannot be a more important office or more challenging role than being a lawmaker. Desmond is aware of these responsibilities, especially to his constituents.

He said, “For me, I know it’s not going to be easy. Unfortunately, I am the person the people at the grassroots can see; they can’t see Ambode, they can’t see President Buhari, so they ask you for things that you can’t even do. And where are the resources coming from? Because of that I can’t say I am running away, because I will need them four years later, so I also have to try to be there for them.”

Having recently won a re-election into the Lagos House of Assembly, he gave this newspaper a peek into what is expected of him.

“I’ll give you an instance, I finished the election a month ago, by next week, I’m supposed to go round the constituency to say thank you. I need nothing less than N4 million, so where am I going to steal it from, do you understand? Because I can’t just come and say thank you, you have to drop, those are the challenges,” he revealed.

Asked whether he can influence the government’s involvement in Nollywood as a public office holder, the actor stated, “One individual can’t do it, that is the reason we are imploring you individuals to join. At the state level, we can’t generally push approaches to be that as it may, if the candidate of the All Progressives Congress for the position of Speaker in the Ninth National Assembly, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, wins, at that point we may most likely to influence the policies that will affect Nollywood positively.”



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