My Landlord in Ikeji-Arakeji was a minister famously alluded to as “Baba Fire” since he was a Firebrand General regulator of a developing church. He was truly called of God. Notwithstanding being a Yoruba talking church, Youth corps individuals like me, went to “Baba Fire’s” Church, due to his profundity in the Word of God and Healing Anointing. He was a man in his late forties.

Baba Fire picked enthusiasm for me and would approach me to seek petitions whenever he was at home. He disclosed to me he saw a light in me that would attract countries to the light of God. Through his industriousness, I turned out to be truly conceived once more. I additionally burst them into flames. I got purified through water in the Holy Ghost. He showed me how to appeal to God for extended periods…

In a matter of moments, I was ablaze for God. Some Yoruba nonspeaking Corp individuals approached me and begged me to remain in as Baba Fire’s mediator. They needed me to be an English translator.

I offered their solicitation to Baba Fire who readily grasped the thought.

I progressed toward becoming Baba Fire’s mediator, this made his service experience a blast, as practically all the Youth Corp individuals began going to his congregation. Indeed, even the non-indigenes who did not comprehend Yoruba like the Igbos, the Edos, those from Benue who were all in Ikeji-Arakeji and its environs began loving in Baba Fire’s congregation in light of the English translation. God utilized me to extend his service.

When my one year of administration was reaching an end, Baba Fire called me to his Prayer Room on one dedicated Saturday morning…

“Raymond, your coming to Ikeji Arakeji was a solution to my long periods of the petition. God disclosed to me He was going to influence this service to go all around the globe, yet I continued revealing to him I couldn’t communicate in English. He disclosed to me He would send me an Aaron that will assist my discourse with being heard wherever incorporating into the front of lords and nobles” Baba Fire said in the Yoruba Language

“I trust you are that individual God delineated for me, I might want you to be more than my translator, I would need you to be my Assistant with the goal that this work of God in my grasp can illuminate the world.”

He said Baba Fire was requesting that I surrender a decent life in Lagos as a potential Civil hireling to turn into a “Town Pastor”. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to state!

Baba Fire disclosed to me He was not in a surge and he wasn’t endeavoring to implement his will on me, he exhorted I ought to go supplicate about it.

Around then, Baba Fire had prepared me in the demonstration of supplicating and getting from God, so I went on an individual retreat for some days.

One radiant evening in the wake of coming back from the grade school I was filling in as an instructor, I dozed off extremely depleted.

In what resembled an open vision or daze, I saw the Late Apostle Joseph Babalola who was a Pentecostal in the 1930s whose service hailed from a similar town of Ikeji-Arakeji tapping me from rest and addressing me in the Yoruba Language… He had gotten he bring in that town in 1928

“Raymond, you are to help Gabriel in his task, you will be his voice where he may not be heard, the ascent up and tail him, don’t deceive him and don’t quit tailing him, for this object were you made, ask your mom”

It was an extremely short stupor, yet ground-breaking. I had the creeps all over my body like a high otherworldly power was in my room, I separated into tongues and laid in the room. I didn’t have an inkling to what extent I spent in that situation until I ascended and discovered it was dim. From my estimation, I had gone through four hours killed in the Holy Ghost.

When I stood up and went out to join my other Youth Corp individuals, the minute I got to the hallway, they all tumbled to the floor like an electric wave from my body hit them. Some of them burst into tongues, while other people who were not brought into the world again begun sobbing affected by the Holy Spirit. Baba Fire met us there and began imploring with us. A little campaign began that night, as neighbors went along with us.

The following day, I called my mum and clarified in subtleties all that occurred…

“I am not astounded, that is your predetermination, acknowledge it, child. You know, when I was searching for a male kid in the wake of having enough little girls, I told God on the off chance that He gave me a child, I will give him back to Him, so the stupor you saw is right, you were made for God’s Glory.” My mom had said

That was the means by which I consented to be Baba Fire’s Assistant….

Section 36

After my set had left Ikeji-Arakeji, I remained behind for an additional 5 years working energetically for God under Baba Fire.

In a matter of seconds, Baba Fire’s congregation had developed from 130 individuals to near 2000 individuals. We had the capacity to construct a little house of prayer of around 2500 individuals. We had begun having Elites in our congregation, even to the point of having the First Lady (Governor’s Wife) as an individual from our congregation. All these were conceivable on account of the dimension of introduction I brought into the service.

Baba Fire began having worldwide ministrations which I needed to tail him to, on the grounds that I needed to translate in the English Language…

He was getting honored with autos, houses, cash and a ton of endowments. Now, the Spirit of Greed took over me. I believed I was the one destroying the group to his congregation and ought to be accountable for all that he was responsible for.

I felt He was utilizing my greatness, and I chose it was the ideal opportunity for me to haul out and begin my very own service. My mum was not content with the thought, however, Maggie who at the time was my life partner, gave me solid help. She was likewise of the sentiment that I had what it took to be the General manager of my service and not working for someone else, who sometimes or another will hand over the rod of the service to his kids.

Maggie and I got hitched after my fifth year under Baba Fire. We settled in Ikeji-Arakeji however Maggie and I was not placated with the life over yonder. I would return home each Sunday deploring over how the congregation individuals were favoring Baba Fire more than they were favoring me. Maggie would likewise add to my wretchedness by disclosing to me it was evident I was simply been utilized by my G.O.

We both chose in the second year of our marriage to move to Lagos and begin my service there, at whatever point the open door introduced itself. Not long after our goals, a lady who typically sought petitions right from Lagos turned into our wellspring of inspiration. She was continually promising me to approach Lagos…

“Minister Ray, your blessing is underutilized and not acknowledged here as it ought to be, you should come to Lagos or go to someplace like Abuja or Port Harcourt, I disclose to you sir, under a year, your congregation will be all the rage.”

“I know, however, God requested that I help Baba Fire here”

” Well you have worked admirably up until this point, perhaps God simply needed you to learn under him, Pastor Ray, I think this is the time you should jump start out, Bible says we ought to proceed to lecture the furthest piece of the earth, not simply in Ikeji-Arakeji town,” She said snickering…

“Truly Pastor, in the event that you are intrigued, my significant other and I will put resources into you monetarily to fire up your congregation”

I was so amped up for the chance and on returning home to Maggie I examined the improvement with her. She has energized also and urged me to take up the offer. She even requested that I call her promptly to acknowledge the offer.


On calling her, she was energized too and she requested that I approach Lagos to see her significant other throughout the end of the week. She stated, she would need it to appear as though I approached petition God for her family and from that point, she would deal with the rest.

I went to Lagos for a petition vigil at her home. On arriving, her better half and kids were not at home, she disclosed to me they would be home before the vigil. She held up me in her guest’s room and inside the room, all that I required had been masterminded there including nourishment and beverages.

Around 11:45 pm, she brought me over the radio, that she would go along with me in the Living space for the vigil.

On getting to the lounge room, the spot was vacant. Her alleged spouse and kids were no place in sight. As I sat pondering, she left her room in a transparent net outfit, and underneath she didn’t have anything on. My heart hustled and directly there I lost my quality, I couldn’t avoid her. I laid down with her and that was the start of my hardship. I trust that was the place I got the solid fascination, for wedded ladies.

She kept to her pledge and set me up in Lagos. In any case, I concealed my undertaking with her a mystery between us. I didn’t tell anybody, not in any case Maggie or Baba Fire.

On coming back to Ikeji-Arakeji, Baba Fire called for me, asking me what I had done. I acted trying to claim ignorance, he made the inquiry multiple times….

“Raymond, what have you done?” and my answer those multiple times were “Nothing Baba”.

Maggie and I moved out of Ikeji-Arakeji around 10 pm 4 months after the fact to abstain from being taken note. We didn’t advise Baba Fire, we just dropped a letter at our minister home that had been accommodated us. I expressed in the letter that I was driven by God to go begin my service. I was sorry for leaving without earlier notice as I was already aware he (Baba Fire) would not have any desire to discharge me.

We promptly changed our lines to maintain a strategic distance from calls from Baba Fire, when we got to Lagos.

“Are you saying, you have not gotten notification from him since you both left there” I solicited Ray who sat in front from me portraying the issue to me…

“I just got notification from him, after around 2 months of beginning my service. Till date, I don’t have the foggiest idea of how he got hold of my telephone number.

“Beam, you made me an object of derision, you brought me disrespect, may you everlastingly be gotten in the snare of disgrace and disfavor. You will constantly observe disgrace in your clerical work” Ray described the definite words Baba Fire said to him via telephone

“Ha! My God! He said all these and you never returned to argue?” I asked Ray.

“No, Maggie let me know, it was only a vacant danger” At that point I comprehended why Pastor Maggie had the capacity to cover and mourn Apostle’s corrupt way of life, they both be

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