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Google Hangouts –Voice Call, Video Chat and Instant

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Google Hangouts is a medium where people meet to share ideas. This platform is created by Google which allows people to share instant messaging, SMS, Google Hangout –Voice Call, video chat and Instant & VOIP Features. They also have these main services, which includes; Google Talk, Google+ Messenger (formerly known as Huddle) As well as hangouts.

Google Hangouts

It has a video chat within Google+. According to Google, they said hangout is designed for the future of its telephony products (Google Voice) as they include some of the capabilities of Google Voice into Hangouts chat. With this now any Google users can easily send messages via their Google accounts.

Google Hangouts Features –Google Talk

Hangout is used to carry out a call between two or more parties. Google account holders can access this service through their Gmail or Google+ website free of charge. You can also access through your mobile devices. Using this hangout you will notice; all your data is store online, with a marker that indicates if someone has read your messages, users have access to exchange their photos and also with good colour emoji symbols.

How to create a Google hangouts account

If you have a working Gmail account then you one step ahead in creating it;

Open your browser on your device.

Enter Google Hangouts on your search bar.

A page will open where you will input your Gmail account details.

Then, click on Next the hangout page will be open.

Once you have completed this process, you start enjoying unlimited messaging.

Google Hangouts Chat

This feature is of the tool that users can easily use to interact with each other. With this, you can begin a chat with an individual or organization. It works very well on the web using your system and you can also use it on the mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

On hangouts chat, you can create a room or community for more conversation with a lot of people in the group.

Google Video Chat

The former Google + Hangouts, users were able to perform a group video chat with up to 10 users at a time. Later in 2016, Google upgraded the Hangouts to 25 concurrent users with quality HD video chat for business and education.

The most recent version of Google Hangouts app on an iOS device is integrated with Google Voice number to some extent. But while for Android device is not fully integrated yet. Recommended: How to use Google Maps -save your home/work addresses

Download Hangout

For Android user you can follow these steps to download hangouts;

On your device, go to Google play store.

Enter Google Hangouts and search.

Click on it to download.

Once downloaded, click install.

After, you have finally installed it on your device. Then you can launch the app and start to enjoy its functions.

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