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Free Dating App on Facebook – dating Apps Connected to Facebook

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Free Dating App on Facebook – dating Apps Connected to Facebook |You may be thinking what this Facebook app is all about. These dating apps have to do with the dating app on Facebook and as well as separate dating apps connected with Facebook. That is, Facebook recently launch its dating site and is known as the Facebook dating app. Which is located on the Facebook site and is called dating home. This dating app on Facebook is currently connecting more than millions of singles from various locations. So, if you are single and you use Facebook, then you can also meet a date here. But you cannot just start just like that, it has to be available in your location before you can use it.  It is currently available in 14 countries, and only Facebook users in these countries can access this dating on Facebook.

Free Dating App on Facebook
Free Dating App on Facebook

This is how it works, free dating Apps on Facebook is. The Facebook dating apps, which is the dating home is the first one. While the other apps are apps that are connected to Facebook but they are not owned by Facebook. But you can access them through your Facebook account.

Dating on Facebook

Facebook dating apps are located on the right side of the Facebook home page. You just have to login on your Facebook account to access this dating home. In other to access this dating home, you will need a dating profile. How can you get this dating profile? Here is how to do that, get on your Facebook account, locate the dating home, create your profile, and confirm then the profile will be used to interact with other singles whose uses this dating feature too.

So, you can now access the other apps through Facebook from there.  And follow the instructions given to find and connect with singles there.

Note: your dating profile is separate from your main Facebook profile. So whatever you posted on your dating home is not going to show on your Facebook page.


Free Dating App on Facebook

You can also access and use free dating apps on Facebook. So, you can either make use of the dating home or other dating apps connected to Facebook. And here I will be discussing that below the steps on how to access the Facebook dating app and other apps.

Facebook Dating App

How to set up the Facebook dating app on your main Facebook page.

Once you are login to your Facebook account.

Go to your Facebook profile.

At the top of your profile, click on the Heart icon.

Create your dating profile by entering your gender, location, interests and photo of yourself.

And then tap confirm.

Free Dating Apps Connected to Facebook.

Here is how to access other dating apps connected to Facebook.

enter the URL

Login into your Facebook account.

On the search bar, type in and search for “Free dating Apps”.

Once is showed tap on “APPS”.

 A list of dating apps will be shown to you, select any of your choices by clicking on “Use Now”.

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