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Five Steps to watch Netflix on Your TV

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If you are looking for Five steps to watch Netflix on TV, you don’t need to worry again we have the answer to your quest. There are so many ways to watch Netflix on your TV and which they are very simple.

Like what are the options that are available? Are you able to connect Netflix to your TV from a phone? Or are you able to still get Netflix on your non-smart TV? And are there other platforms that offer official Netflix apps.

The above question might run through your mind, but we have provided a solution that can help you get through it. Ways to get Netflix on your TV.

Five Steps to watch Netflix on Your TV

1. Using Netflix App to Watch Netflix on Smart TV

Smart TV is a bit confusing operating systems. Since the demise of Firefox TV in 2016, there are four major smart TV operating systems still in use. which are Tizen, WebOS Android TV, and Roku TV?

Well, as a user no solid conclusion.  The different app marketplaces for each OS are broken down, with different apps available on various platforms. But the good part of it, is that all the four major smart TV operating systems offer an official Netflix app. While some television is even pre-installed with Netflix App and with a shortcut hard-coded on the remote control.

If the app is not pre-installed on your TV, then install the app and enter your Netflix credentials. Within a second you will be watching Netflix on Television set.  If there is a problem installing Netflix on your TV, you can contact your TV manufacturer for troubleshooting tips.

Five Steps to watch Netflix on Your TV

2. How to connect Netflix to a TV from your Phone

Though, smart TV apps are not the best solution sometimes. This depends on the quality of TV hardware. Sometime it could be slow and buggy.  So, which another way can one do this? If you are using a Smartphone or tablet, you can buy Chromecast dongle and cast Netflix directly from the mobile version of the app.

Step to cast from Netflix to your Chromecast.

Open the Netflix app.

Tap on the cast icon in the upper right-hand corner.

List of the available device will be shown.

Tap on one to connect to.

Then it will take some second to complete the process.

NOTE: if you want to buy a Chromecast, check your TV’s manual handbook.  Some newer models have the technology built-in.

How to connect Netflix to a TV from your Phone

3. Cast Netflix From windows to your TV

If you are using a Windows computer, you can try and use Miracast. Wi-Fi Alliance finalized the Miracast technology at Ces 2013 and touted it as a wireless alternative to HDMI cables.

Unfortunately, Miracast is not reliable and popular as Chromecast. But the good part of it is that it is available on most windows running 8.1 or Android – power devices.

On the other hands, Roku and Amazon TV fire stick is Miracast- enable. While some TV also offers the technology natively.

4. Use Netflix on a Non – smart TV

If you are not using a smart TV, it is still possible to watch Netflix by using HDMI cable.

Although the HDMI cable might not be as the fore mention of cording – cutting technology it will help you to use Netflix. You can get one of this functional six-foot-long HDMI cable which is very cheap in Amazon.

5. Using an Apple TV & Apple Air-play

Unfortunately, Apple does not support Miracast, Chromecast or HDMI cables.

What they did is that, they want you to either buy an Apple TV and install the Netflix version on Your  TV set, or use its proprietary Airplay technology and cast the web app version of Netflix. Though, Airplay does not function well enough but gives its proprietary status, support for the standard among smart TVs and set-top boxes is really lagging.

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