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Five Easy Ways to Recover Your Facebook Account

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Five Easy Ways to Recover Your Facebook Account – Maybe you forget your password or your account has been comprised by an unknown person. Here is a step by step guide that will help you to recover your Facebook account.

Five Easy Ways to Recover Your Facebook Account
Five Easy Ways to Recover Your Facebook Account

There is a lot of option to recover your account automatically on Facebook. This depends on the information you enter during registration and validation when you set up your account. So if your information is up to date there is a possibility of recovering your account.

Meanwhile, we will teach you one method on how to recover your Facebook when other option proved abortive.

Note: this will tell you everything you need to know about Facebook account recovery.  Read the article and leave a comment on your contribution or the best ways to do this.

Five Easy Ways to Recover Your Facebook Account

This recovery process is kind of tricky, most especially if you did not Set Up any backup recovery options. Please, note that all the steps we are about to mention take time and patience.

1. Do you still Log into Facebook Somewhere?

 Before you start recovering your account, make sure you check if you still logged into your account on any device. This could be on another browser on a PC, or mobile browser, Facebook Android app or iOS app or tab.

When you can still access Facebook anywhere, you might be able to “recover” your Facebook password without a confirmation reset code. Here, what you need do is to actually create a new password or using two Factor authentications on Facebook.

2. Try the default Facebook Account Recovery Options

If you cannot find where you logged in your account before. You can use other recovery options; like using the internet connection and computer or phone from which you have been logging frequently. So once Facebook is able to recognize that network and device, you might be able to reset your password without additional verification. But you must first identify your account.

Option 1: Recover Your Account from its Profile Page 

Once you can have access to a friend or family member Facebook account, and you can access your account profile page through theirs. But it will require logging out of the other account; if you can do that try the second option instead.

To use the second option, locate your profile on your friend Facebook friend list, open it, and click the… on or below your profile image (if you are using the mobile app) click the three-dot menu that is shown below the image > then select

Find support or Report Profile.

Find Support or Report Profile option to Recovery your Facebook account.

Go to the Next menu > select the right option, that is; I can’t Access My Account then click Next.

On the menu choose from the multiple options to find and recover or report a Facebook account.

In the final step, click recovers this account, then you will be log out of the account you are using to start the account recovery.

The Last step to start the Facebook recovery process from a profile page

This method will take you to the same Reset Your Password window described under option 2. This recovery is based on the email address you added to your account. To use other option read below.

Option 2: Find and Recover your Account with Contact Details

If you can’t access Facebook at all or you decide not to log out of another account. Then, open a new browser profile for an instant. A guest profile and go to the Facebook recover page. Enter an email or Mobile number you added to your contact before. You can try it with or without country code.

Find your Facebook account using an email address or mobile number

Once you have identified your account, check whether this is really your account and if you can still access the email or phone number. Then choose if to use email or phone number

•          Reset your Facebook password through your email

          Then click continue

        A code will be sent to your email

        Enter the security code sent to your email

•           At this point, you will have the option to set a new password which is recommended.

If you did not receive the code check spam in your email or request by didn’t get a code?

3. Use Trusted Contacts

If you set up trusted contacts on your account. You can ask the social network to help you recover your account in the step below. Make sure you are able to remember at least one full name of your trusted contact which they will send the code to.

 Also if you have not set trusted contacts, you might be given the option to answer one of the security questions and reset your password. On this note, this comes after 24 – an hour of waiting.

4.  Was your Facebook Account Hacked?

In a situation whereby your account was hacked and is posting spam, you should report your Facebook account as comprised.

This will take you through a similar process mentioned above. And you may be able to use either current or old password to recover your account.

5. Confirm Your Identity with Facebook

When you have tried the above method to recover your account and it all failed. You can think of using Facebook Support itself.

Go to:

Upload a JPEG (photo) of your ID.

Enter an email address or phone number

Associated with your account you want to recover

Click on send to submit.

If you cannot access the email or phone number associated with your account. You can use the one you have and email and explain your situation.

Hope this is helpful, please, if you know of another method to recover your Facebook account, please share with us at the comment section below.

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