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Facetime On Android – How to use Facetime on Android

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Facetime On Android – Are you aware of facetime on Android, people are currently searching for the facetime app to see if it is available on Android mobile phones? And a lot of people are still searching daily about this app on android when is it going to be available to use. On this article, we will discuss who can use facetime on their phone.

Facetime On Android – How to use Facetime on Android

Facetime On Android

It is unfortunate for those using an android phone because as an android user you cannot use facetime on your android phone. It is only available for iOS and Mac devices users. Facetime is an app you can use to communicate with friends and family and it was designed by Apple company in 2010 for only iOS devices before it was now also available for Mac. This app was released along with iPhone 4 that same year 2010. The video call only supports wi-fi networks but iOS6 has a cellular network that has 3G, 4G LTE and these 3G and 4G was now introduced for the facetime in other enables for the user to make video calls without using Wi-Fi connections.

Features of Facetime

Talking about the feature of facetime, there is a lot of beautiful features you will fall in love with when using this app.

You can easily set it up

The contact can easily be accessed when they search for any of your contacts.

It has a good quality video

It also has a high-quality interface.

Facetime has the ability to ring like the way our normal phones rings.

The benefit of using Facetime

Because of high sophisticated their video is, facetime can confidently say they have the best video call. The images are very clear when you think of other video apps. With that, it has the ability to receive HD video that is up to 720p.

How to download Facetime On iOS Devices

Downloading this app on your iOS simply go to the Apple store (iTunes store).

Type in Facetime on the search bar and click search.

Once is show up click on the app for download or install.

NOTE: you cannot use Facetime app on Android phones.

How to set Up facetime app

For you to use this app after download on your device you need to set it up. And is very simple to do that. Just open the app >click startup > put your “Apple ID” and start to use. Is just like making a call on your phone. 

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