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FaceboFacebook Videos Views – is one of the features most Facebook users like to see on the platform. Most users on facebook like it when other users view their upload online.  And also there is something that users like to know, they like to know how many times their video views or were watched. That is the reason for this article to enlighten the users about the number of time their video is where views or watched on the platform.

Facebook Videos Views
Facebook Videos Views

Facebook Videos Views

On this article, I will not only be telling you about how to see your video views but also be telling you how you can go live or do a live video on Facebook platform. I believe this information will interest you.

Facebook Videos Views – Facebook Live

Facebook live is one of the features on Facebook that uses the Camera on a computer or on a mobile device to broadcast real-time video to facebook. With the help of this, you can be able to broadcast your video online facebook live and users can easily see it online on facebook. But in other to do all of this you must have a Facebook account.  Here, are the steps by steps on have to create a facebook account below.

How to create a Facebook Account

For you to use facebook dating app you must have an account. Here is how to create facebook without any challenge.

 Open your browser on your device.

Enter the URL facebook.com

Now to create account clink on Sign up.

Fill in your detail correctly.

Then, click on sign up again and confirm your create.

If you already have an account here is how you can sign in.

Facebook Sign in

Since you already have an account all you just need is to sign in by following these simple steps

Open your browser.

Type facebook.com and launch.

Once is open click on sign in.

Enter your login information: that is users name and password

How to go live on Facebook

The step below is how you can go live on Facebook.

Login to your Facebook account.

Once you are logged in, click creates post at the top of your news feed.

Then click live video.

And write something about your live Video

After that then click go live in the bottom right.

How to See Facebook Video views

If you want to see your video on Facebook or other people video views just go to your Facebook account and access the video. Well, it might not be your video all the time you can as well views another video too.  Locate were the video is and views it. And you will also see the number of views the video has, and also see how users have reacted to it.

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