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Facebook TV Series – How to use Facebook TV

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Facebook TV Series – How to use Facebook TV – Facebook is a platform that is ever-growing. It all started as an online student directory but has time progress over the year it grows to web and app. A lot of things have been transmitted on this platform; one of these is a timeline, a layout for person pages. And well as the newsfeed, privacy setting in other to secure their user’s privacy.

Facebook TV Series
Facebook TV Series

Facebook TV Series

Fb is a social media network connecting its users. You can access this when you register for a profile that allows you to share, connect and communicate with loved ones and friends. This platform has a marketplace app that helps users to buy and sell in this platform. With a different feature adding up every time Facebook is more and more interesting every day. With a game forum; users can connect with friends and play the game online if they are bored. Another interesting feature is the Facebook TV. The platform is aiming for the TV time of its users. Below is what Facebook TV means.

Facebook TV

A Facebook watch can be referred to as a video-on-demand service that is operated by Facebook. This was officially announced on 9, August 2017 and was publicly available the day after the announcement. There is also many video one can discover and as well as original shows on relevant topics such as entertainment, sports, beauty, food. On Facebook, TV users are offered recommendations for videos so they can watch. Once you are connected to Facebook you can watch TV series on it for free. Below is some of the list of the top watch;


Skam Austin

Ball in the family


Scred Lies

Fiver points

The Tatoo Shop

Queen America

Human of New York

Inside the Madness: Kentucky Basketball


Huda Boss

Human kind Of

Fly Guys

You Kiddie Me

You can still see other ones. The Facebook watch is a tab on the Facebook platform.

How to use Facebook TV

Open your browser on your desktop or PC

Scroll to the left side column.

Click on watch

Or enter on your browser.

FB TV series will be open and you can then search for the field to locate the Series or show that you want to watch.


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