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Facebook Page Analytics – Why Use Facebook Insights?

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Facebook Page Analytics is a powerful analytic tool built on facebook to help business or brand reach their audience. Truly speaking, posting content that is not getting to your audiences is like driving in a dark without a headlight.

Fortunately, Facebook has helped to solve that problem with a free analytic tool – Facebook Insights – which help you to easily understand how your post or your business page are doing.  This insight helps to track likes, page views, and to reach more audience. As far as you are on facebook, and your goal is to reach an audience, build brand awareness with customers or you just need followers. Facebook analytics will help you achieved this to engaged goal and know how they are interacting with your page.

Facebook Page Analytics

Facebook Page Analytics – Why Use Facebook Insights?

With a large number of the Facebook user over 1.4 billion active daily users. Taking advantage of this great platform will do well for your business. With big changes to its algorithm.

The Facebook insight will help you to understand your Facebook page’s metrics which gives you information about your page and how to improve on it in other to reach the right target. With the help of this facebook algorithm, your content will be directed to the right audience, instead of just posting on facebook hoping it gets to people.

To make good use of this tool you have to know the key area of facebook analytics measure. We have made useful information that will guide you on how to make the most out of this metric of social media strategy.

How to use Facebook Insights

For you to start, simply go to your Facebook page and click on “insight”

From there, a dashboard will be open.

You will see page likes, post reach, and engagement.

 Facebook Page Analytics - Why Use Facebook Insights?

Facebook Page Analytics – General Overviews

These overviews make you see a clear picture of what is happening on your page since last week. And it shows important tracks record about your page:

Page likes; this show for the last seven days how many people like your page.

Post Reach: how many people your post was able to reach for the past seven days.

Engagement: this will tell you many likes, share or comments you have of your post for the past seven days

Facebook Page Analytics –Page likes

By having in-depth views of your page insight will help you to understand the number of likes your page has received. Here are the three metrics:

Total Likes: this show the page likes over 28 days

Net Likes: it shows the total number of new likes. That is new likes and unlike.

Where these Likes Happened: this show where is the like came from, the weather is from the direct visit, or mobile phone, or desktop and if is from a suggestion.

Note: page likes make you understand monitor all that is happening on-page, your followers, organic, post, facebook campaign. Understanding this, you can now focus on time visitor visit, what they do and where they came from.

Post Reach

In this section on your page, will tell you the number of people that saw your content from your page. The number of likes, comments and shares, how much engagement you got on this particular post.

This will show you how many people; hide, report as spam, and unlike your post. If you have a negative report it will decrease the number of people your post can reach in future. But if you have a positive report, your post will reach a higher number of people.

The total number of people who saw any kind of activity on your post will be shown here.

 Post Reach
Source: Facebook


On this part of the page, you can tell how many people visiting your page. It is simplified below:

Page and Tab Visits: this will help you to know the total time each of your pages or tabs got viewed.

External Referrers: this will tell you when visitor were referrers from the website rather than facebook.

source: Facebook


This is broken down in three sections:

When your Fans are Online: this will show when the people that like your page are on facebook viewing content.

Post Type: which of your post was more successful, that has the higher reach.

Top Posts from pages you watch: this shows how the post you watch or views is engaged.

Source: Facebook


This has three sections it tells how successful your video content if is doing well.

Video Views: It tells the number of times your video page is viewed in less than three seconds.

30 Second Views: here, you will see the time it was viewed within 30 seconds.

Top video: this will show which of your video that is must-watch.

  Facebook Page Analytics – People

On this page on your dashboard will help you to know your audience. By showing these three forms

Your Fans: this will tell you their; gender, age, location, and language.

People Reached: total stats of people that reach your page for the past 28 days.

People Engagement: how many people interact with your page positively by liking, commenting or even sharing it.

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