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Facebook Messenger Kids –Kids App on Facebook

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Recently Facebook has released a new feature on messenger which is called Facebook Messenger kids –kids app on Facebook messenger designed. A videos chat and messaging app that helps children to connect with friends and family and have funned and also with a parental control space add on. The app is available on Android phones, iPad, iPhones, and other devices. It is specifically designed for children between the ranges of 6 -12 years old. On this app, two new feature is included which help to connect kids with their friend and family. A few years ago  Facebook announced that they are working alongside youth Advisor that made up experts in online safety, child development, and media as well.

Facebook Messenger Kids

Table of Contents

1. Facebook Messenger Kids

2. Facebook messenger kids App

3. Create Facebook Messenger kids

4. How to Send Messenger on Facebook messenger kids

5. How to Video Chat On messenger kids

1. Facebook Messenger Kids

As I earlier said, this messenger app is specifically made for kids but controlled by their parents.

There is a lot of amazing feature for the kids to enjoy and connect with love ones. It was first introduced three years ago and was rolled out in the United States of America. And later introduced to other 70 countries thereafter. This messenger kids account is created by the parents of the kid, so once is set up the kids can now start chatting or video chatting with their loved one. Please read on to know how to use this app feature.

2. Facebook Messenger Kids App

It is very important you know how to use this app for your kids and how you can create one. To download the app is very simple and it does not consume lots of data. Note that searching for the Facebook kid’s app on Google play store or Apple store be rest assure that you wouldn’t see it. Rather it is the Facebook official app you need to download because the Facebook messenger kids are embedded in the main app. How to download the Facebook official app.

On your device

Go to Google play store or Apple store.

Enter Facebook app.

Click on the app.

Then click on download and install.

Immediately, it will start installing on your device.

3. Create Facebook Messenger kids

Here are the steps to create Facebook messenger kids account.

Sign in to your Facebook account.

From your newsfeed

Go to setting on the left side.

Tap Facebook messenger kids.

If you cannot find it, click on “See more”.

Then locate the account you manage.

Click create another account.

Enter your child name (first and last name).

Tap continue.

And click creates Account.

 With these steps above  you are good to go.

4. How to Send Messages on Facebook messenger kids

Once you have created the account is good you know how to send messages through it. Below are the steps to send messages on.

Once you open the Facebook messenger kids.

Go to the profile photo of the person you want to messenger.

Click on the profile photo.

And start chatting.

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5. How to Video Chat On messenger kids

Your kids can also have a video chat with their contacts on messenger kids app. they need do is;

Open the Fb messenger kids.

Go to the profile photo of the person.

Click on their photo.

And start a video call.

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