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Facebook Market Places – How to get to Facebook.

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Facebook Market Places, is a place online where people buy, sell, items and discover other business strategies with stats from Facebook IQ and Insight.

Facebook Market Places

How to get to Facebook market Places.

Here are the steps:
Open Facebook on your Phone.
Scroll down at the bottom right corner of the screen and click MENU
Click Marketplace.
Select your Location (this is optional)
Click Shop.
Select Category.
Check the listing to select out.
Contact the Seller or Owner.

How to turn facebook marketplace Notification on or off?

Enter, click on the right top.
Tap Notification in the left Menu.
Click Facebook.
Scroll down to the market place, and click Edit
Select On or off next to Notification, then click your choice On or Off.
Facebook Marketplaces is it Free?
Facebook market Places is absolutely Free. Local Facebook selling groups and Facebook marketplace are ahead eBay as the place to earn Cash flogging unwanted stuff in your area. The truth is there are NO fee attacks, so all the profit are all yours.

How to reach Facebook Market Place on Phone

Contacting facebook on phone is very easy, Here is Hotline `650-543-4800 on facebook, this is their best toll –free number, they have about the number you can reach them wit….. Please you know of another way will reach or contact facebook please share your opinion with Us.

Facebook Marketplace Rules.

This is some rule governing Facebook Marketplace item that is prohibited, therefore cannot be sold, Facebook has a list of item that is allowed to be sold here.
You must sell Physical item.
The image of the item must match the description.
You should know that Before and after pictures are forbidden.
How does Selling on Facebook Marketplace work?
You should send a direct message from the facebook marketplace to tell them you are interested and make an offer. Facebook is not in any way involved in the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace. Post your item and buyer will bid for it.

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