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Facebook live with Guest -How to Use Facebook Live

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With this powerful feature facebook, live people can connect with an active audience on social media. Facebook live with a guest is an alternative to large-scale online events. Unfortunately, inviting a guest to Facebook is not that simple as you may think. But in this article, we are going to tell you how to use Facebook live with Guest -How to Use Facebook Live. Recommended: Connect Zoom to Facebook Live -Zoom to Facebook live.

Facebook live with Guest -How  to Use Facebook Live

How to Use Facebook Live

For you to start using Facebook live, you have to decide if you want your screen to be Landscape or portrait (you can check the preview before going live). and you can also change the setting once you are life. Ensure you are already satisfied before tapping on the “Go Live “button. The best way to do this is to use the Landscape.

Note: with a Facebook business page account you can broadcast live, but you need to download the app first.

Once you are ready to go live, click on the “Go Live” button and once you have at least one viewer, you will receive a notification telling you who is on your live feed.

After that, once Facebook catches up with your live viewers, move right and you will see a row of boxes at the bottom of your screen. And finally, those viewers will begin to populate those boxes. Then, you can invite people to join your Facebook live stream by clicking invite. You can do this by tapping notification at the top of your screen saying “inviting” with your guest’s profile photo on the left. If you want to cancel this Press the “X” on the right. Recommended: How to Set up Zoom Meeting Correctly– The best way to set-up Zoom

How to Join Facebook Live

For your guest to join the Facebook live broadcast successfully, they have to tap on the “Go Live” button, when prompted and match the landscape view that you decide in the first step.

NOTE: if you are interested in inviting more than one person to your broadcast. Then, you have to remove your present guest from your live feed by tapping the” X” to remove a guest. This will a chance for someone to join.

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