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Facebook live OBS – how to start Live streaming on FB?

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Facebook live OBS – how to start Live streaming – For you to stream on Facebook live OBS, all you just need is your smartphone and an internet connection. But with OBS you can be at the top of the game.

Facebook live OBS – how to start Live streaming on FB?

With Fb live OBS you have the opportunity to connect with your followers in real-time.

Facebook live OBS

It is very easy to start facebook live through your phone. Easy and quick to set up, but you are relying on your phone’s camera for sight and sound action. Here is how it works:

Facebook Live on your Smartphone

With this simple step by steps stated below. You are on your way to successful live streaming:

First; type what is on your mind on the top of your newsfeed or type what you want to search at the top of your business page or brand page.

Tap live video

Write an optional description for your broadcast

Tap GO live to begin your broadcast

Click on finish when you want to end your broadcast

Note you can run Facebook Live from your desktop by using the third party Belive or other similar software.

Facebook Live on Your Desktop

With a webcam on your laptop you can stream Facebook live on your PC by following the steps below:

Type what is on your mind? At the top of your news feed write it at the top of your business page.

Click Live Video. For business, you have to be sure you are posting on your business page, not a personal page – else you would not see “starts a Live Video.”

Facebook Live on Your Desktop

Once that is done, click NEXT

Click Go Live once you are happy with the preview.

NOTE: The best way to run Facebook live, in my opinion, is by using OBS (Open Source Software) which allows you to Livestream for free.

Facebook Live OBS

Although is not easy, but you can run a lot with Facebook Live when you stream through Open Broadcast Software (OBS) which is FREE. Streaming from Facebook Live through OBS can only work for pages from your desktop.

How to Start Live Video using Facebook and OBS

Download OBS


How to Start Live Video using Facebook and OBS

Click Video Library on the left side of your screen under VIDEO

Click +Live at the right side + upload

Copy the Stream Key from the pop-up window and click Next

Once that is done open OBS and click Settings at the bottom

Select stream, then in service select Face book Live

Paste your stream Key from the Facebook POP- up a window into the Stream Key box in OBS

Click okay.

Once you have done that, set up your stream On OBS – Add your SCENES, Sources etc.

 Click start streaming

Then, go back to your Fb Live window and you should view and hear a preview of what your OBS is broadcasting.

Once is okay, you can then click GO Live

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