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Facebook Feedback – How to Give Facebook Feed Back

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Facebook Feedback – How to Give Facebook Feed Back – Has it ever come to your mind about what we mean by Facebook Feedback? Or have you come across Facebook on the facebook page or you just heard about it. Let start by telling us what we mean by Facebook feedback. What it simply means is this maybe you see something’s some post on facebook you don’t like it you can send message to that person who posted it and ask him or her to remove it.

Facebook Feedback - How to Give Facebook Feed Back
Facebook Feedback – How to Give Facebook Feed Back

For example, Facebook Feedback – How to Give Facebook Feed Back – let say someone posted a photo of you and you don’t like it, so you send a message to the person who posted the photos and tells them to remove it.
In a real sense, people are most likely to remove a post which a friend doesn’t like if you told them to do so. Especially for a case of bullying or harassment, you may not feel comfortable with the post and decide to reach them in person. In another way, you can also report such post to Facebook.
Furthermore, the best way to report abusive content is by using the Feedback content feature or the report link feature that is close to the content itself.

Best ways to report a Business or item purchase on Facebook

You can count on us on how to improve your experience with ads on Facebook and Instagram. Note, if your intellectual property right is violated, you can lay a complaint by visiting the intellectual property help centre; where you can submit a report. Here is the step by step on how to go about it.

Enter the URL/ website you purchased the item from.
Why was this bad experience? Order this box, enter any of the detail. For instance, product/service was never received or you can choose a file by clicking on the other.
Addition information: tell Facebook about the bad purchase.
Optional: on the option, you have to upload an image of the product or service.
Example of Post you can Report
Photo and Video

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