Facebook Dating App Launch – Facebook Dating Launch Download Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App Launch – Is it your first time to hear about facebook Dating App? If you are just hearing for the first time, well Facebook recently launches dating feature, which is called dating. For you to start dating on facebook you have to visit facebook homepage. One thing you need to understand here is there no other dating app. That is, you do not need to download any other dating app. The Facebook app itself is dating app because the feature is embedded in the original facebook app. All you need to do is access the Facebook app or webpage and this new feature is in it.

Facebook Dating App Launch

Facebook Dating App Launch

This recent Facebook dating App is not available for all countries for now. But, once is available in your country you can use this feature. I will be discussing how to use this feature below, please, take time to understand it carefully.

Download Facebook Dating App

This very app cannot be downloaded separately, you have to access your usual facebook home page or download the normal Facebook app on your mobile phone as usual. The dating app we are talking about is in your main facebook site or inside the app. Once is available in your country it will show up on your page or newsfeed as a “Heart icon”. This feature added on facebook platform can unite single to connect to each other. Many people are already enjoying this feature.

Is Facebook Dating App Available?

For you to know if you can use this feature on facebook and if is available in your country. It will show up on your newsfeed or homepage as a “Heart Icon”. So if you did not see this notification then is not available in your country yet.

How Facebook Dating Works

Once you can access this dating, on the dating home page you see other singles also looking for a relationship as well. But first, you must create a dating profile before you will be able to connect to people there. For you to connect to whoever interests you to date.

How to use the facebook Dating App

 I hope you must have understood FB dating app by now, so there is no separate app of FB, once is available in your country you can use it. So, once you have a facebook account you can make use of this amazing feature. Here is the easy step to create your dating profile on Facebook.

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Login your existing Facebook.

Click your Facebook profile.

On your profile there will be a “heart icon” showed if is available in your country.

Click on the appeared “Heart icon”.

Then the dating homepage will be opened.

So, you can start creating your dating profile. By adding your gender, likes, interest, location and your picture.

Then, click on confirm.

From there you will now be connected to other singles.

Note: whatever you fill on this dating profile will determine the kind of people you will be connected to. So fill it correctly based on what you want. facebook.com

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