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Facebook Dating 2019 App – Facebook Dating 2019

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Here is an update about Facebook Dating app that is why we will discuss Facebook Dating 2019 App. There is a lot of features that are now trending on a Facebook dating app. This dating app has been on the internet for a few years now. But some users don’t really know how to use this app to its full potential. This article will show us how to use this app.

Facebook Dating 2019 App
Facebook Dating 2019 App

Facebook Dating 2019 App

This dating app is not available in every country yet. But Facebook has launched it in some countries. Even it was launched in the United States two months ago and some other countries as well. And users are not aware of how to use it yet. Here we are going to tell you how to know if it is available in your county or not.

Facebook Dating App

This dating app allows users to dating online for free.  And is not a standalone app, so it cannot be download separately on the device but it can be accessed through the main Facebook website or facebook app. As I earlier said this service is only available for a few countries for now. But according to research, the dating app will soon be available for all countries.

Facebook Dating 2019

To access the facebook account, you need to have a dating profile. As this profile is entirely different from normal Facebook account. So you must have a facebook account in other to create this profile.  But for you to know if Facebook dating App is available on your country, you are going to see an Icon at the top of your Facebook profile. And you will also notice notifications at the top of your newsfeed or homepage.

How to create a Facebook Account

For you to use facebook dating app you must have an account. Here is how to create facebook without any challenge.

 Open your browser on your device.

Enter the URL

Now to create account clink on Sign up.

Fill in your detail correctly.

Then, click on sign up again and confirm your create.

If you already have an account here is how you can sign in.

Facebook Sign in

Since you already have an account all you just need is to sign in by following these simple steps

Open your browser.

Type and launch.

Once is open click on sign in.

Enter your login information: that is users name and password.

Facebook Dating Profile

Here is how to create a facebook dating profile just follow the step below;

Once you have login into your account.

Click on the heart icon or dating notification.

Then, you will be directed to the facebook dating room.

Select the gender and also confirm your location.

Once that is done, there will be 12 tiles and each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the dating question.

Ensure that the tiles are in order and answer the question correctly as this will be used to match you with people.

Most importantly select a photo.

Once you have selected photo, then specify your match in the dating setting.

Facebook Dating Groups

If a facebook dating app is not available yet in your countries then what you need to do for now is make use of facebook dating group. Here is how to join facebook dating groups;

Open your facebook personal account on any of your devices.

Then, at the search bar type search for Singles or “Secret dating” and you will see results.

Click on any of the group that interests you.

After that, there might be a question asked by the group admin.

Answer the question correctly and click on submit.


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