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What is Facebook Code Generator, is a two – factor Authentication Security feature for your Facebook App.when is turn on, your phone will generate a security code that you can use to verify if when you log in from a new device or browser.
This code generator work on every device with or without an internet connection, even if you don’t have access to the message (SMS).you can also use it whenever you need to reset your password.


This Code Generator uses two factors authentication which is 6 digits generated code that will expire after 30 or 60seconds depending on your network. Tap my code does not work if you did not receive the code to reset your password in above seconds.

How To Find Facebook Code Generator

In other to find Facebook code Generator either Android or IOS, Go to your Facebook App and open it.
Tap Hamburger icon in the top right corner, scroll down, click on the setting and privacy menu, and click Select Code Generator. And then click, wait for it to run about 30 or60 second.

How To Bypass Code Generator.

When you want to bypass code generator simply ignore Code to log in, click on Need another way to Authentication. And you will see another dialog box where you will find four-way to bypass Facebook code generator. Click on Approve for other Device. And check your notification.

Enable Login Approvals.

To make it difficult for anyone to login into your Facebook account, you must enable login approvals.
This tells you anyone trying to login into your Facebook account from a device that you have not use previously to log in, they will be asked to enter 6 digit verification code sent to you. This code is sent to the primary phone number use during registration. Note: these option wills become fully active after one week. Before then it disables without actually entering any security codes.
FOR you to enable Login Approvals, Click security setting as explained above, click on the option and follow the steps as shown below:

Facebook Code Generator
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