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    Facebook Code generator is a two – factor Authentication security feature that helps to protect or secure your Facebook account, once it’s turn on. When this feature is turn on in your Facebook account, you will be requiring entering the 6 digit code to verify your account whenever you are logging in from a new device or browser. https://www.zmamen.com/create-facebook-pixel/

    Facebook Code Generator-How  To Find Facebook Code

    Facebook Code Generator – Why You Need a Facebook Confirmation Code

    For you to need Facebook confirmation code you will have to enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account. if is not enabled, all you will just need is  a username or email address and password to log into your account.

    Enabling two –factor authentication, will enhance additional security layer to your account. so once you try to log into your Facebook account from a new device or location, Facebook will require you to confirm your security code in order to complete your login.

    How to Find a Facebook  Code

    •        Facebook confirmation code can be sent to your mobile phone number which you connect to that particular account.

    •        You can use the authentication app; Such as Duo or Google Authentication and also  Facebook mobile app which includes a code  generator that automatically generate Facebook confirmation code and can be sent to your mobile phone number which you connect to that particular account within 30 or 60 seconds.

    •        You can use physical Two-Factor security Key like USB or ONF.

    NOTE: The first two points mentioned above required your mobile device, so you can decide to select the third option in case you lost your device.

    How to Set up Facebook Two-Factor Authentication

    For you to enable two-factor authentication follow these guide below;

    Enter your browser on your device.

    Enter URL: www.facebook.com.

    Click on the Arrowhead at the top right corner.

    Click on the” Menu” > then “Settings”

    Tap security and Login

    And click use two-factor authentication.

    Then, a page will open “Click Edit”.

    Click”Get Started” and select the method of your choice.

    Select your options and click on “Next”.

    Then, enter the code and click “Finish”.

    In case you decide to add an authentication app, save recovery codes and create a security key. Then, you should as well assign a phone number that Facebook can use to text a login code to you. Note: should you want to disable two-factor authentication temporarily, you can simply click Turn off on Facebook two-factor authentication at the page settings in order for you log in with just username and password.

    How to Access Facebook Code Generator on Mobile App

    How to access two-factor authentication codes in Facebook code generator without using phone number. This can be helpful when you don’t have access to your mobile phone. You can find this feature inside Facebook app on iOS and Android. While the windows store app is the same with Facebook website which does not have a code generator app.

    When you want to access Facebook generator on Android or iOS here is what you need to do;

    •        Click on the Facebook app on your mobile device to open.

    •        Click on the hamburger icon at the right top corner.

    •        Scroll down and click on the “Setting & Privacy”.

    •        Then, select “Code Generator”.

    Once that is done, a code will be generated within 30 or 60 seconds for you.

    .What to do when you lost your phone and can’t access code generator

    You may encounter this problem when you set up your mobile phone to be the key to your Facebook account losing your phone could be a challenge in logging in into your account.

    •        Allow Facebook Text you a Confirmation code

    If you still have access to your mobile device that is already selected for two-factor authentication. Then, allow Facebook to text you a confirmation code unfortunately, Facebook can only use that number that is listed for  2FA in your account whether you add an additional phone number to your profile or not.

    Then if you are asked for your login code, Select “Need another way to authenticate”. At the left side of the bottom and then click text me a login code or you can choose Facebook to call you.

    •        Use Saved Recovery Codes

    When you are setting up two-factor authentication, you have the option to also save a set of recovery codes as a backup. Then, you can screenshot it or write down the code or saved it in a safe location.

    You can try this if you have not done so, it will help you to get access to your account in case you lost access to code generator or trying to log in to your account from a new device.

    •        Approve Login From an Authorize Device

    You can approve log in to your account for other device, when you simply remember it on that device or location. Then that device will be able to access your account if you no longer have access to the code generator. You can check for more detail on Facebook Help center on how to log into Facebook if you don’t have access to code generator.

    Facebook Code Generator
    How do I Get the code generator for Facebook on my iPhone

    Facebook code generator works on your mobile device even if you cannot access your phone text messages (SMS) or without an internet connection. And you can decide to use the Facebook code generator even when you want to reset your password. Here is how to get generator for Facebook on my iPhone:

    Navigate to your browser and enter the URL :www.facebook.com

    Click settings and privacy.

    Tap code generator.

    Use the code to log into your Facebook account.

    NOTE: This code generator is 6 digital security number and it will expire after 30 or 60 seconds this depends on how strong your network at that moment. If  your network is slow it might take a longer time for you to receive the code. If it does not work click on my code does not work on your mobile device to reset your code generator or refresh the page.

    How to get the code generator for Facebook on my iPhone app

    In order to use this code on iPhone app ;

    Ensure your Facebook is open.

    Click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner.

    Scroll down, and expand the setting and privacy menu.

    Click select Code Generator.

    Once that is done, the code will be sent to the phone number you use during registration and is 6 digit codes, which you will be required to enter into your login Facebook account.

    How to use a text message for two-factor authentication on Facebook

    If you have turned on two-factor authentication, you will be asked to choose either message (SMS) code or a third-party authentication app as your primary security method. Once you decide to choose text message (SMS), then they will send you a text message (SMS) that contain 6 digit security code number whenever you want to login into your Facebook account wheather on your phone or computer device. This will make Facebook to notify you whenever someone is trying to log into your Facebook account.

    How to Turn on Text message (SMS) Codes for Your Mobile Phone

    Log in to your Facebook account, on your Facebook page.

    Click > More

    Scroll down and click settings & privacy > settings.

    Click security and login.

    Scroll down and tap Use two-factor authentication.

    If you have not set up two-factor authentication before now you have to click “Get Started”. And you may be ask to enter your Facebook password again at this stage.

    Tap  Text  Mesessage (SMS) when you are asked to choose your security method and follow the instruction on the screen.

    After doing that, it is advisable you set up a second security feature, like your trusted contacts or recovery  security feature, like your trusted contacts or recovery codes. This will help you secure your account and save you some stress in case your phone got lost, stolen or is hacked.

    NOTE: if you are setting up text message (two-factor) authentication, you will be required to use a mobile number you used during registration of the account.(already added number) or you add a new number.

    When you add a new number to your two-factor authentication, then, you will be ask to use a mobile number you use during registration of your account. So this will help you log in, find friends for you and others and protect Facebook community policy.

    How to get recovery Login when you lost your Phone

    If you are already using 2FA and your phone got lost or you can’t access it. Don’t worry you can still access your Facebook .

    Since your two-factor authentication are already turn on, you can get 10 recovery login codes for you to use in case when users lost their phone or they can’t access it at that moment. So here is what to do below;

    •        Go to settings.

    •        Tap security and login

    •        Under the two-factor authentication

    •        Click – use two-factor authentication

    •        You might be require to enter your password again.

    Next to recovery codes, click Set up then get Codes. In case you already set up recovery codes, you can click show codes.

    NOTE: It will be advisable to write down these 10 codes or print it out on how it appears.  You are only allowed to see it.  You are only allowed to use each code each time. Any time you exhausted the code or lose it, you can request a new one by clicking “Get New Codes”.

    How to Access Your Facebook Account when you lost Your Phone

    There is another to access your Facebook when you lost your phone or  when you can’t  access the phone at that moment if you are using two-factor authentication, here is what to do;

    •        Try to Login using a computer or mobile device that is already recognized by Facebook (i.e the device you have used before to log in to your account).

    •        Use one of your printed recovery codes.

    •        Once you are now login, you can now add another  mobile number or turn off two –factor authentications.

    Facebook Code Generator Bypass

    If you want to bypass Facebook code generator, when you are logging in simply ignore code to log in. click on Need another way to authentication, and you will see another dialog box where you will find Four-way to bypass the Facebook code generator.  Which are?

    Approve from another Device.

    Just check your notification in another browser or phone where you have a login.

    Use a Text Message.

    And Text me a login code.

    If you are using “Text me a login code” option, once you click that a log in code will be sent to your phone. With code sent to you, you can now access your account. The best way to bypass 2FA is by clicking on “Skip and turn off two-factor authentication.” A dialog box will be open where you can turn off security codes. And click on Turn off security codes and then it will bypass the code generator and take you to your Facebook home page.

    To make sure no one can log in into your Facebook account, ensure you enable login approvals. This will make Facebook to notify you whenever someone is trying to login into your Facebook account from a device that you have not use previously to log in. they will be asked to enter 6 digit verification code sent to you. This code is usually sent to the primary mobile number use during registration.

    NOTE: This option will be fully active after one week. Before it will finally be disable without entering security codes sent to you at that time. For you to enable Login Approvals  > Click  Security Settings and Login > scroll down, you will see “Use two-factor authentication”, click on it and follow the instruction from there. Then click on Edit > Click Enable code Generator.

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