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Facebook Avatar – How to Use Facebook Avatar

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Here is another interesting feature on Facebook is called Facebook Avatar. How will you like to create your Facebook Avatar on Facebook? Let me start by telling us what Avatar is all about. An Avatar is similar to Cartoonish identity. This identity looks like a range of stickers and tools that can be used both on Facebook and messenger. Once it is created, you will be able to share them. This feature is designed to help add more value to this social media platform.

Facebook Avatar - How to Use Facebook Avatar

The most advantage of this Avatar feature is that it gives you the room to customize your personal avatar which you could use for any purpose. You can make use of this Avatar as your profile picture if you like it. More so it can as well be used in the comments or text section on the platform. Some users are already enjoying this feature since it was released last year in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

This is what makes this Avatar creator more interesting. Because of the sudden rollout of this feature, some people think there is a special Avatar app you need to have in order to create it. But that is not true. The interesting thing is the feature is embedded within the Facebook App.

That is to say, you can create your own Avatars directly from your Facebook app. There is no need for downloading the external app before you can create Avatar.

Facebook Account Registration to use Facebook Avatar

It is very important you have an account on this platform before you can create Facebook Avatar feature. For those of us that are not using this platform yet here is how to create one;

Open a browser on your device and enter or launch the app.

Tap on “Create New Account” button on the welcome screen.

Fill in your information as required.

Verify your account via mobile number or email depends on the want you submitted.

Set up a profile account.

How to Use Facebook Avatar

There is no stress using this feature. You can use this feature in your Android device or iOS device. Once you log in on your Facebook app using any of those devices you can start enjoying it. That means you can start right now and customize your profile into a cartoon-like version of yourself.

How to Use Facebook Avatar on Android

Open the Facebook app on your Android device

into your account if you are not login yet.

Tap on the Menu icon

On the menu, scroll down and select > See More > button

Click next, tap on “Avatars” and then

Next Again.

And tap on the “Get Started” button.

From there, select a skin tone that fits you.

And tap “Next”

Customize your Avatar from Hair to outfit.

When you are satisfied with the look.

Tap on the Check mark at the top right corner of the screen.

Once it finished loading.

Click on “Next” and then Done.

How to use FB Avatar on iOS devices

Open Facebook App on your iOS device.

Login your account

Click on the Menu icon.

Scroll down and click on “See More”

Next, Tap on Avatars and then “Next” again.

Click on “Get Started” button.

Select a skin ton that fits you

Tap “Next”

Customize your avatar to your best interest

Once you are done, tap on the Check Mark at the top right corner.

When it finished loading, tap on the “Next” button and then “Done.”

How to Edit Facebook Avatar

If you want to edit already created FB Avatar, then here is the step to follow;

At the comment section or on the next screen, tap on the sticker icon.

Find your Avatar and click on the pencil icon to make the changes you desire.

Once you are done with the changes, tap on the check mark at the top right corner.

Tap  on “Next” and then click the “Done” button.

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