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Facebook Ads – How to Create Facebook Ad

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What do we understand by Facebook Ads – How to Create Facebook Ad. In a simple explanation, Facebook ads are paid advert from a different business owner or page post sponsor use on the platform to promote their products or events.  By paying for these ads on their Facebook page it will help to reach a good number of people. That is, are ways of creating awareness for brands or event? Since Facebook is more than just where we meet friends or make new friends. Therefore, this platform is more than just a social media service.

How to Create Facebook Ad

Table of Contents

1. Facebook Ads

2. How does Facebook Ads look like?

3. How to Create Facebook Ad

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1. Facebook Ads

With this platform having over two billions users monthly all over the world. If you are a marketer is a good place for your business and you need to have an account in order to promote your products. A lot of big companies out there are taking advantages of this social media platform. I will tell you why?

Facebook attracts users compared to any other social media platform. So when you run your advert on business or brand here there is a 95% chance of reaching the right audience. This will make your business well know worldwide and at the end give you a good return. Recommended: Create Ads Manager account – How to Set up Ad Manager Account

2. How does Facebook Ads look like?

On this platform, the ads are set in strategic places known as ads placement. Here you have the right to set a budget, the location, age-range and so on. And also So helps you to determine how much you are spending on the ads you want to run. Here is another word, you need to note “Auction system” on Facebook, this system let you tell Facebook how much you are willing to bid or pay for your ads to show to an audience within this period of time. However, this bidding is based on the cost per click on your ads or the impression on your ad.

3. How to Create Facebook Ad

Creating an ad on Facebook is simple but you might be overwhelmed being your first time. Well, but with these steps below here you don’t need to worry, I will show you step by step on how to create a Facebook ad on your Facebook page;

Step1: choose an advertising objective.

Step2: select ad format.

Step3: choose your audience to display your ads to.

Step 4: Finally, choose your placement.

The above steps are all you need to know before creating a Facebook ad. For you to start this process go to Facebook ads create and you have to be aware that you need a Facebook page to do this.

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