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Easy Way to Set Facebook to Private 2020 –

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Easy Way to Set Facebook to Private 2020 – |Hello, Fans we are here again to show you an easy way to set Facebook to private 2020. Basically, it is very good to be cautious about security right now.  A lot of people on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and so on like to keep their account private. Well, this is not a matter that they love to but because they want to keep some standard of their information secret.

Easy Way to Set Facebook to Private 2020
Easy Way to Set Facebook to Private 2020

Specifically, it is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms today. That means Facebook is a place to connect with old friends and new ones. And as well as buy and sell with the Facebook feature and promote your business also with the Facebook adverting feature.

Therefore, that is to say, there is a lot of activities you can do using the Facebook platform. , so keeping your Facebook account private is a way to make sure your Facebook is safe from unwanted people. In addition, this also helps you to regulate the kind of person you want on your Facebook friend list. So below is how to set your Facebook on private 2020.

Steps on How to Make your Facebook private 2020

Go straight to your Facebook account by using the URL or the Facebook app

Locate the privacy shortcut at the top right corner of your screen. That is, click on the three horizontal lines and you will see a dropdown menu

Scroll down to the setting icon at the button and click on it.

The general setting account page will open; you will see the privacy icon on the left – hand side of your screen for desktop users. For mobile users hit on the privacy caption.

A page will be open showing privacy and tools page, then click on edit your activities on Facebook and set how people can find and contact you. Also, make your Facebook account public or private.

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