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Dr. Saad Alanamu, a former chairman of the Governing Council of kwara state polytecthnic sentenced to 12

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Dr. Saad Alanamu, a former chairman of the Governing Council of kwara state polytecthnic of Ilorin, and Salman Sulaiman, the Chief Executive Director of Namylas Nig. Ltd, sentenced to 12 years jail term with hard labour for collecting and giving a bribe respectively by independent corrupt practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC).

The convicts had before been summoned before Honorable Justice Mahmud Abdulgafar of Kwara State High Court 9 sitting in Ilorin on an 8-count charge for bribery.

The offences contravened sections 8 (1) (a), 9 (1) (a), 10 (a) (i), 18 (b), 19 and 22 (1) (a) (i) and punishable under sections 8 (1) (a) (ii), 9 (1) (b), 10 (a) (ii), 18 (d), 19, and 22 (6) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000 respectively. They had pleaded not guilty to all the charges brought against them.

Dr. Alanamu who was nominated into the Board of ICPC in 2017, however, was later dropped on a claim of corruption which the Commission was exploring, was charged for collecting N5,000,000:0 million bribes from a contractor friend of his as kickback for the award of a contract.

Sulaiman, then again, was blamed for bribing a government official when he paid the said total of cash into Alanamu’s Guaranty Trust Bank account as a reward for the award of the contract to his company.

Counsel to ICPC had affirmed that Namylas Nig. Ltd had submitted distorted and doctored reports during the offering procedure.

The court was also informed of how Alanamu ensured that the contract for the construction and furnishing of an auditorium in Kwara State Polytechnic, at the cost of N182,369,625:00, was awarded to a company belonging to his friend when it was not qualified to execute the contract.

The prosecution, having established very strong evidence of collusion, bid rigging and corrupt practices against the accused, urged the court to mete out appropriate sanctions to them.

Having considered the totality of proof showed by the prosecution over the span of the preliminary, and perceiving that it had released the weight of evidence put upon it by law past sensible uncertainty, the preliminary judge in his decision, discovered Dr. Alanamu liable and condemned him to seven years detainment on count 2 and 3, and five years with hard labour on court 1, 4, and 5, without a choice of fine.

He was likewise requested to pay the whole of N25 million compliant with Section 20 of the ICPC law which states: “Without bias to any sentence of detainment forced under this Act, a Public Officer or other individual discovered guilty of requesting, offering or receiving gratification shall forfeit the gratification and pay a fine of at the very least multiple times the aggregate of the estimation of the satisfaction which is the subject-matter of the offence…”

Justice Abdulgafar further discovered Sulaiman liable on counts 5 and 6, and condemned him to five and seven years imprisonment respectively. The third defendant which is the organization has been requested to pay a fine of N1 million.

All the sentences are to run simultaneously.

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