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    Dating on Facebook App 2020 –Dating App Free | Facebook be the largest social platform site, a place where you can connect with friends, Families and share your emotion with each other. More so, Facebook does more than just connect with friends and families, it a platform where singles meet with each other and find love. Recommended: Facebook Dating Not Working – Fix Facebook Dating Not Working

    Dating on Facebook App 2020 –Dating App free

    On this platform, Facebook has made everything so easy to find love and possible for singles to mingle on Facebook dating groups and dating apps. Few singles on this platform are already utilizing this feature to connect with others.

    Unfortunately, not all singles know about this dating feature and while the few that know about it don’t really know how to make use of this feature very well.

    Table of Contents

    1. How to Create a Facebook Account

    2. Ways to Access Facebook Dating

    3. Facebook dating Groups

    4. How to Access Facebook Dating Groups

    5. List of Facebook Dating Groups

    6. Facebook Dating App

    7. How to activate Facebook Dating

    1. How to Create a Facebook Account

    On your device open any choice of your browser.

    Enter http://www.facebook.com

    Input your name, email, or mobile number, password, date of birth and gender.

    Click “Sign up”.

    Then, a notification will be sent to your email or mobile number, verify it and start enjoying your Facebook.

    2. Ways to Access Facebook Dating

    In order to access facebook dating, there are two ways to do this which includes;

    1. Facebook dating groups

    2. Facebook dating apps

    Let explain these in details:

    3. Facebook dating Groups

    These dating groups are groups created by Facebook users for the purpose of meeting with new people and finding love.  And it also one of the ways where single men and women connect with each other and find love.

    4. How to Access Facebook Dating Groups

    Here is the step by step guide for you to access Facebook Dating Groups;

    Log in to your Facebook account.

    On the search bar, type in and search for dating.

    At the top of the search result, click on Groups.

    A list of dating groups will be displayed.

    Click on the group you like to join and join.

    5. List of Facebook Dating Groups

    If you are searching for a dating group, here are some of the good Facebook dating groups to join.

    Dating Tips for men.

    American Single women & men dating love Relationship marriage.

    Relationships and dating

    Lisa Copeland


    Millionaire Dating Sites

    Relationship, Dating, Marriage, and Divorce

    6. Facebook Dating App 2020

    Another way of accessing dating on Facebook is Facebook dating service, is an app embedded on the main Facebook profile to enable people to connect with each other and meet your love.

    This feature was launched in 2017 and is not available for every location yet. Here are some few countries is available currently; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, United States, Uruguay and Vietnam.

    7. How to activate Facebook Dating

    Once this service is available in your location, to activate it is very easy. To do this;

    Go to the menu

    Click on the “Dating” service, and then you will be taking to the home screen where you can set up your dating profile.

    This dating profile of your is only visible to those who have also signed up for dating service. So it will not show in your Facebook news feed.

    Another beautiful part of this dating app is that your friends on your main profile wouldn’t see you.  And you can as well exclude people you know or block them instead if you choose to. Dating on Facebook App 2020 –Dating App free

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