Criminal Case on Facebook – How to Access Criminal case on Facebook

Criminal Case on Facebook – How to Access Criminal case on Facebook – It may surprise some people who are seeing this for their first time, that what the actual meaning of this facebook criminal case is over this header. But what it actually talks about is different things entirely from criminal acts on the platform.

Criminal Case on Facebook
Criminal Case on Facebook

The actual meaning the header criminal case talks about is a game. As you read through the article you will understand each of the paragraphs that you will encounter the header.

 Criminal Case on Facebook |Facebook Criminal case

As I earlier said that the criminal case is something that has to do with game design for Facebook. That is the reason is referred to like a Facebook criminal case. This is an intelligent detective themed object game that was launched in November 2012 for Facebook. The game was released on Android and iOS in a different year. I t was first released for the iOS device in the years 2014 and later released for Android device in 2015.

That is to say, the game is available on Facebook already; you can play the game as far you are a Facebook user. So if you want to play the game is accessible on your Facebook account or if you don’t have an account yet you will need to create one.  Below is how to create a Facebook account in order to play this game.

Facebook Account Registration

For you to create an account on this platform is very simple. All you need to have is email and mobile number with this; just follow the instruction below to sign up.

Open your browser on your device or download the mobile app on your device

On your browser enter the URL:http://www.facebook .com

Click on the Signup icon at top right corner.

Enter your information at the space provided.

Once that is done, click on the signup button below the box.

How to Access Criminal Case on Facebook

What I simply mean by access is how you can go about to search for the game in the platform. Following the step by step below you can easily access the game.

Once you have a login to your account.

Click on the search box on the newsfeed page.

Tap criminal case.

Tap on the “Apps” tab at the top of the result page.

Once you have clicked on the app’s tag.

The “Criminal Case” will appear.

Click on “Play Now” and start playing.

 These steps above are how you can find and locate facebook criminal case and as well as how you can play them. There are other criminal case games on the list too as the result page display.

Facebook Messenger Criminal Case

As the game is available on the platform so also the app. That is, you can as well play this game on the messenger app.

Click on your messenger app on your device.

Click the “Discovery” button in the right column once is open.

Then click on the game and search for it.

You can quickly use the search box to save your stress.

By entering Criminal Case” and search.

A list of all the criminal case games will display.

Then you can click the want to play.

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