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Creating a Facebook Pixel helps to track visitors visiting your website. That is when a user creates a Facebook pixel it allows them to run targeted campaigns, therefore, it is important to create Facebook Pixel before applying for ads on facebook.

Every advertising account has a default pixel to use. So this code is made up of two main parts: pixel base code and the event code.
The pixel base code tracks all the traffic to your site. While the Events code, you can add under pixel code to specific pages of the users’ website that allows users to track certain actions on those pages.
Additionally, the Facebook pixel can also mean a custom algorithm for retargeting website visitors to track website like sales.
Here, each page of the pixel is customized on each website. So as we can have many Facebook pixels as we like on our website. Like this, we make your advertising on Facebook to yield more result. Using this feature is termed as Facebook Pixels.

How to create a Facebook pixel

Before you can create a facebook pixel
• First, have a website for your business.
• Second, update your website’s code.
Have that already, you can Create Facebook Pixel by:
Click to your Pixels tab in events/Ads manager.
Click on create a pixel.
And then click on the box that appears to finish creating your pixel.
Add the Facebook Pixel to your website.
When you finish your pixel, now, you are ready to put the Facebook pixel code on your website.

Creating a Facebook pixel is a good way to enjoy Facebook to the core, it enables the Facebook user to benefit all Facebook has to offer. The following are some of the functionality it offers:
• It helps to check the search bar analysis of user site.
• This help to track action of Add to cart buttons.
• It helps to know the intention of your visitor on the wishlist.
• It tracks any users that check out to buy something on your site.
• Gives record about payment information enter on their purchase process on your website.
• Helps user view content conversion on the site.

How to know if your pixel account is correctly working?

Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that can help the user to find out if its pixel is working properly, that is. The user has to use a chrome plugin to see if facebook is installed on a website. You can also check if the pixel is working correctly by, entering your website on your browser and load a page. Then go back to the pixels Tab in Ads manager at the top, next to details it should show a green “Dot” and say when the pixel was last active.

Facebook Pixel plugin.

Installing Facebook pixel Plugin to your WordPress. Here, all you need do is Add the Pixel Code before the Header for example in your WordPress theme. Another method of doing this which is the easiest way is by using Insert Headers and footers plugin. Here, you install it and activate the plugin, Go to Setting >> Insert Header and Footers Page and complete it.

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