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Create Facebook Account -Set up your Facebook account

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For you to enjoy the most popular social media network in the World, then you have to create a Facebook account. This is one easy medium you can communicate with friends, relatives,  as well as your colleagues. It has so many features to offers. Here is what you need to know before you can create a Facebook account. Recommended: New Facebook Account Open – How to create a personal Facebook account

Create Facebook Account

Create Facebook Account

To create an account follows these simple steps below;

Enter from your device.

Tap the sign up button.

A page will open, and then follow the instruction on the screen.

Enter your First, last name and Gender.

Enter your mobile phone number or

Tap use an email address and enter your email.

Enter a password you will remember.

And click Sign Up.

Create Facebook Account -Set up your Facebook account

Once that is done a notification will be sent to you from the Facebook team. Open it you will see the link facebook sent to you for verification. Then, Click on the link to verify your account. Recommended: How to Recover My Facebook ID – Steps in Recovering a Facebook Account

Set up your Facebook account

Now that you have created an account, you need to set it up for better use. This will help you to determine who can see your profile, who can message you and who can send you friend’s requests.

So enter your full name such as School attended, your Job and a nice profile picture on your profile. With this information, you provided Facebook will use this to determine what to show you based on your interest.

How to manage Your Facebook profile

To create a good impression for yourself, you have to know how to manage your account and know what to post about yourself. Making your profile genuine and honest will make you stand-out in this world of some people creating fake account everywhere. 

Profile picture: post your recent nice picture that represents who you really are, this will make your friends or relative you identify easily.

Cover photo: a good current photo that shows your current mood or thoughts will be a good one.

Search for friends: search for friends who ask you to create an account by name, email or phone number.

Privacy: make sure you have control over your privacy.  Let people know what who what them to know about you.

By doing all of these will make your profile look professional but talking about each one will really going to take your time.

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