Create an Event on Facebook –how to create a Facebook Event

There are so many events happening on Facebook. If you are just seeing create an event on Facebook –how to create a Public Event on Facebook. Well, I will be delighted to share with us on how to go about it. A popular media like Facebook has so many to teach us.

Table of Contents

1. Create an Event on Facebook

 2. Facebook Events Page

3. How to Create a Facebook Event

4. How to create a public event on my Fb

4.1 Create Event from Your Computer

4.2 Create Event from your App

1. Create an Event on Facebook

It is not a matter of creating a Facebook event. But know how to strategized it is what is important. You have to have a plan to know how to spread awareness about your events. Creating events page also help advertise your product online. If you are interested in creating one, this article would help you to learn and how to use Facebook events.

2. Facebook Events Page

As Facebook users when other users invite you for an Event, then you will receive a notification. When you receive this notification, click on it and then you will be redirected to the event page. Here, you will see the detail about the event. There is an option for you to know if you will attend or not or may be interested in going.

3. How to Create a Facebook Event

For you to create a Facebook event, you must first be a user and also know the tips that will guide you through. What to note before creating a Facebook event:

Name of the event.

Description About the event.

Use a good Facebook recognized venue to specify where the event is taking place.

Use a good photo.

Ensure you use a keyword for tags.

Ensure you pinned a post to your event wall.

Be specific about the time frame.

Facebook ads could also be added advantages.

Partner with co-hosts.

You can decide to promote it outside of Facebook.

Ensure you create the event ahead of time.

4. How to create a public event on my Facebook

I will show us how to create a public event on your FB page. Here are the steps below:

4.1 Create Event on Your Computer

Log in to Facebook account.

Go to your news feed.

Click “Event” in the left menu.

“+create Event” on the left side.

Also, click “Public Event” and then click “Next”

Once that is done your event will now be available to the public. Ensure you fill in the necessary information like event name, location, date, time, description and so on.

4.2 Create an event on Facebook App

Go to your Facebook app and log in.

Tap the three lines icon options

Click on Event.

Tap on “Public Event” that will make it available to the public.

Put in the necessary information as required and decide to post.

Once that is done, click on “Publish button”. You will now be directed to invite guests, add a cover photo or video, share posts and even editing the event details.