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Create Ads Manager account – How to Set up Ad Manager Account

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Create Ads Manager account – How to Set up Ad Manager account – if you are worry on how to create Ads manager account on Facebook, don’t worry – here is a complete guide on how to do it.

Create Ads Manager account – How to Set up Ad Manager Account
Create Ads Manager account – How to Set up Ad Manager Account

What is Ads Manager Account?

An ads manager account is a tool designed for managing ads account on your Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter whichever one you want to use. But we will be discussing Facebook Ads Manager account. 

How to Set up Ads Manager account on Facebook

On this guide, we’ll show you step by step on how to set up your Facebook ads manager account. We’ll show you how to change your time zone, currency, payment methods and spending limit.

How to start

Before you start the ads manager account, you will need to have Facebook business Page. When you have that you see there is no need to create Ads manager account because it is already set up on your page automatically.

If you don’t have a business page already, you will need to create one to continue… How to sell on Facebook Marketplace – Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Confirm your ad account information

For you to access your ads account information.

Confirm your ad account information

Go to Ads Manager Settings – then you will be presented with the ad account setup.

ID number of your account will be given to you automatically.

And you will see where you can set your currency and time zone depending on your location.

You May decide to change these setting in the future. For an instant, you may relocate your business or make a transaction in a different currency.

All these setting can be done through the setting menu.

Change Your Time Zone/Currency

For you to change your time zone on a business page simply go to:

Change Your Time Zone/Currency

Settings at the top right corner and click

Scroll down and select your country time zone or currency

Select Create a new account to return to setting.

NOTE: when you change your Time zone or Currency, you will automatically create a new ad account. That will make your old ad account closed, but it will be visible and all your ads created in the account will stop running.

Set up business page name

Set up business page name

Click on setting

Enter business information

Adverting purpose (i.e. for legal reason, as there may be restrictions on certain types of advertising in your region)

When you are done filling in your information

Select Save changes

Set Up your Payment method on Facebook Ad

Go to payment setting in the ads Manager

At the payment section

Click ADD Payment Method.

Choose the payment method you want to add

Fill in your information and click continues.

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