Best Money Making App 2020 – Rakuten | Dosh | Shopkick

Best Money Making App 2020 – Rakuten | Dosh | ShopkickHere are the best apps to earn extra income in 2020. You will find how easy it is to earn extra money through your smartphone.  There are a  lot of apps out there you can use to earn extra money but I will be sharing only a few with us which are among the best-earning apps.

Best Money Making App 2020
Best Money Making App 2020

Best Money Making App 2020

All most everybody spent a lot of time on their phone every day. It will be wise if we convert it to our advantage and use it to make some cash. Here are some ways of making money by using some apps. These include apps that help you earn cashback on online purchases to those that pay you for your opinions. So, here are the apps that made the list.

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Rakuten (Ebates)

This is one of the great apps you can download on your device or add it as an extension to your desktop computer. On this app, you can use it in-store coupons, scan items as you wish to compare prices and earn some cash back. Downloading the app you will earn some percentage of cash back when you shop with Ebates list of more than 2,500n plus eligible retailers. And also you will be able to access to in-store coupons and other pecks. Great news about this app is when you sign up and start using it you will automatically get paid every three months so far you earned at least five dollars one cent.

Dosh – Best Money Making App 2020

On this app, you are automatically given some cashback whenever you shop at your favourites retail stores, restaurants and book hotels. You will also get cashback rewards, excluding watching your cash saving increase every time you shop using your linked card. Whether hanging out with friends or family so long you use your linked card you will earn some cashback.


Here is another app that will help you to get some cash back whenever you shop though they pay only by girt cards. To make money on this app, download the app and engage in one of the activities. Take a walk into a store scan barcodes of some select products and you do not need to buy anything. Buy items at an eligible store with your shopkick link card, purchase the item and submit your receipt. Visit online stores or view products without buying them and make an online purchase with a shopkick partner or watch in-app videos.

Ibotta – Best Money Making App 2020

Ibotta is one of the best you can make money also. Here you have three options to make money using this app when you purchase. Just download the app before you shop, and add offers on the product you usually purchase. Purchase products you selected at any participating store and you can redeem your offers by taking a photo of your receipt.  Then ibotta app will match the items you bought to the offers you selected and give you some cash.


Sometimes getting outside for a workout can be tough but download this app and watch your motivation skyrocket. This app pays you for the steps you take but you will be paid in digital currency. So download the app and keep it running on the background at all times. Then keep moving and you will earn every 1,000 steps you take.


Slidejoy app is very easy to earn some cash, for the prime real estate that is your phone lock screen. Once you sign in to slidejoy you will start seeing ads on your lock screen. You can swipe left to see info about an ad or swipe up to see more ads. You will earn on every swipe which will be credited to your account the next day.

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