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Review Sign Up – How to Sign up for Merchant Account.

Last Updated on 1 year by sfundcom  Sign Up  –  How to Sign up for Merchant Account. The steps you take in other to register for your account application is what is referred to as Sign Up. Moreover, you cannot have access to any payment gateway service online or offline without being part of the system. That is the only way to participate in the system is you have to be a member which is to Sign up. The payment platform gives its customer the choice to choose the payment they prefer.  Sign Up Sign Up

More so, a lot of internet users have come across the standard online transfer payment service but do not know how to sign up for it. But on this article, I will take you through on how to sign up on sign up. This process is very easy and does not require many details from you. And its service is also available worldwide so you can access it from anywhere in the world once you sign up. Offers has various offers it renders in its platform. As they have different account types you can Sign up to. Therefore these account types vary with different pricing. Here, what you need do is to choose the one you want to Sign up for and follow the signup process. Mind you all the account types are very secure and you can be rest assure that all your transaction is safe and secure from scammers and hackers.

In addition, for so long you have a business in the area where these services are applicable you can access payments internationally. That means if you operate a business in any of this country supported by

United States of America

United Kingdom


Canada and


How to Sign up for

For you to sign up on this platform follow the simple step below.

Open your browser in any of your devices and type the URL

A page will be open. Locate the see pricing caption and click on it.

Scroll down and click on Sign up now Caption.

A merchant application form will appear for you to enter the necessary information to get your account working. pricing

The merchant account is what is recommended by the platform, it will be advisable to choose that. Here is the recommendation for merchant benefit below

No setup fee

For monthly gateway $25

Cost per transaction 2.9% + 30₵

For Payment Gateway only

No setup fee require

The monthly gateway fee is 25$

Cost per transaction 10₵

Daily batch fee 10₵


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