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AOL Mail – Login – How to Create AOL Account

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AOL Mail – Login – How to Create AOL Account- AOL MAIL can be referred to as a free web-based email service rendered by AOL, a Verizon Communications division.

AOL Mail – Login - How to Create AOL Account

Feature and Benefit of AOL mail

Here, you are going to see some of its feature and benefit of using AOL. Some of its Feature are as follows:
Maximum mailbox size: with email attachment of 25 MB.
Supported protocols: POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.
It has a link to other email account providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.
This has good spam protection
Talking about virus protection, it has a strong antivirus.
It has spell-checking available.
You can customize your email using their domain.
You don’t need to be afraid of your information, because it supports SSL/HTTPS after login.

How to Create AOL Account

To create an AOL account is very simple. All you to do is open your browser.
Type on your search bar and click.
Click on the login/Join at the top right-hand corner.
Scroll down and click Sign up at the bottom side of the screen.
Enter your necessary information as it’s required, including, your name, username, date of birth and location.
Then click Sign Up.
If you already have AOL account, all you just need to do is to Login into your account.
Type on your browser.
Once is open, enter your username or email you use when you were created the account.
Then click on next.
Enter your password and click Login.

How to Access AOL Mail through

On your web browser, go to your AOL Mail account.
Select options.
Select Account info.
In the left pane, select Account security
Turn on the Allow apps that use less secure sign-in toggle switch.
If prompted, log in AOL Mail.

AOL Mail – Login – How to Create AOL Account – How to recover my AOL email Account

Here is the procedure to recover AOL Mail password:
Open your AOL Mail login page.
Enter in your AOL Username.
Click sign in.
Choose I forgot my password.
Type in your username
Click next.
Enter the phone you use during the registration.
Click next.

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