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Amazon Store Card & Amazon Credit Card

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Amazon Store Card is the card that can only be used in any of Amazon store. It is used to make purchases at Amazon. Also, this card is issued by Synchrony Bank
While Amazon Credit Card can be used anywhere in the world apart from the Amazon store.

This store card is only accessible to Amazon customer that has Amazon .com account, subject to Credit Approval. Monthly payment and special financing offers may apply to purchase made by using this card.

What is Amazon Gift cards used for?

Amazon Gift card is used to buy kindle content, digital music, and Amazon video downloads. For you use an Amazon Gift card for your digital downloads, here is the step to take: Redeem your gift card in your account. Tap Redeem a gift card or promotion code before clicking Buy Now.

How to Apply for Amazon credit card

Here are the steps to take for you to apply for the Amazon credit card:
Look for the Credit card Marketplace for a credit that suits t your taste.
Clicks apply. Then you will redirect to their credit card application on their financial institution website for your registration.
And fill in your information on the credit card application and press Submit.

Can Amazon Gift card be converted to Cash?

You cannot really convert or Transfers Amazon gift card into a bank account. But you can sell your gift card to someone who shops online. People are interested in buying an Amazon gift card because it is easy to shop with.

How to pay my Amazon card?

You call their customer of Synchrony Bank at 1- 866-634-8379.
You can then make a payment on an Amazon store card or Amazon Credit Builder account.
GO over to payment at the top of your page. Scroll down, and then click make payment.
Choose minimum Payment, Statement Balance or other.

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