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Amazon Stock Price – Is It Worth The Hype?

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Amazon Stock Price, Amazon [NASDAQ: AMZN]  is one of those stock people just love. The company occupies almost everywhere, media device to smart speakers, whole Foods to dog food, and almost everything around us is available in Amazon – without mentioning the company’s web services.

There are a lot of ways that Amazon makes money, with so many irons in the fire.

Amazon E-commerce earns the company Billions.

Amazon has made a profit for straight 15 quarters and is still growing.

The North American business which is the company Core has double since 1Q17, without any sign of slow down.

According to  Bloomberg “customers will spend $484 billion globally on Amazon this year, up 26 percent from 2018”, and Seattle company will capture more than half of all online spending in the U.S.

Amazon Set a strategizes lately, which use the low –margin business of online retail to attract customers.

The company is also pushing into advertising, content creation, and web services.  this aspect gave them much higher profit margins than retail.

Amazon AWS is Highly Profitable

Amazon Web services (AWS), this service offer geared towards companies, governments, and schools also to startups. Amazon AWS is first in Clouding Computing, topping even Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT].

Amazon also has so clients include Adobe [NASDAQ: ADBE], Capital One [NYSE: COF], Comcast [NASDAQ: CMCSA], Condé Nast, Dow Jones, Kellogg’s and Unilever.

For a good price, Amazon’s AWS render serving in computing, database, and storage needs. And that is just for a start because AWS also includes blockchain, game tech, internet of things (IoT), Customer engagement, robotics, machine learning’s security and some other things.

The AWS segment is really yielding high profit, as it grows into 1Q19, sales at Amazon’s AWS grew 45% to top$7.4 billion for the quarter.

Amazon Stock Price: Amazon Advertising Revenue Is Growing Up

Whenever Investors is talking about Amazon, what they talk about is the number of prime subscribers, Grocery or AWS, and success of Amazon device, But their other area Amazon is pretty doing well –advertising.

Amazon advertising income will exceed AWS by 2021 according  to Piper Jaffrey analyst  Michael Olson,

He forecast that Amazon web service will bring in $15 billion in 2021while advertising will bring in $16 billion the same year.

Amazon taking advantage as the world largest product search engine has given it that edge according to Olson, “and Amazon has started to leverage them.” Their online retailer has learned things about its customers which other companies cannot understand.

Amazon has data on all of its things, from the books they read to the foods they eat, their technology preference to the clothes they wear, all this information is necessary for companies trying to target specific audiences.

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