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Amazon Alexa APP Logo – Function of Alexa app

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Amazon Alexa APP Logo is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store. And the Amazon App store. The app enables the user to install skills, manage alarm, control music, and view shopping lists. This app also helps the user to review the recognized text on the app screen and send feedback to Amazon to know if the weather was good or bad. There is also a web interface available to set up compatible devices, For example, Amazon Dot, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show.

Function of Alexa app

Here, we are going to show you some functionality of Alexa app.
• Alexa app offers weather reports by AccuWeather and news.
• user can stream music from the Alexa supported devices.
•Alexa user can also stream music from Apple Store, Google Play Music from a phone or Tablet.
•Alexa can help to manage devices responding to questions about items in the user Google Calendar.
• This device helps to respond with a beep sound instead of saying, “Okay.”

Alexa Home Automation

In your home, with the help of Alexa device, Alexa can interact with other device manufacturers including, IFTTT, Belkin, echo LightwaveRF, SmartThings, Yonomi, and some others. speaks about Microwave oven that can be paired and controlled with all Echo device In September 2018. This sold under Amazon ‘s AmazonBasics label.

Amazon Alexa APP Logo: Ordering

Alexa uses this app to make an order. while the UK user can order meals via Just Eat. At the beginning of 2017, Starbucks announced a private beta for placing pick-up orders using Alexa. And also user can order meals using Amazon Prime Now via Alexa in 20 major US cities as Amazon has introduced Amazon Key in November 2017. Alexa using a smart lock and Alexa cloud Cam included in the service to allow Amazon couriers to unlock the packages inside right in front of the Customer.


Alexa music supports a multiple of subscription-based and free streaming device on Amazon devices.
These services include Amazon music. Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, App Music, TuneIn, iheartRadio, Audible, Pandora, and Spotify Premium. but some of these music services are not available on Alexa –enable Products that are manufactured by companies External services. such as Amazon’s own Fire TV devices or Tablet.

Alexa can stream media and music directly .for you to do this, Alexa Device needs to be linked to the Amazon account, to have access to one’ Amazon music Library, AS well as audiobooks available in one Audible library. Amazon Prime member has the Full right to access stations, Playlists, and over 2 millions song free of charge. unlimited subscribers also have access to a list of millions of songs.
Amazon Music for Pc allows us to play personal music from Google play.itunes and other devices. This is done by uploading music on Amazon from your computer. And about 250 songs can be uploaded free of charge when this music is uploaded, Alexa will be able to play it and can control playback through voice command options.


With this device, the user can hear sport update on supported sports teams. To do this is just to add the sports team to the list created under Alexa’s Sports Update App section. The user we are able to hear update up to 15 supported teams:
• EPL – English Premier League
• NBA – National Basketball Association
•NCAA Men’s Basketball – National Collegiate Athletic Association
•FA Cup –Football Association Challenge Cup
•UEFA Champions League – Union of European Football Association
•MLB – Major League Baseball
•NHL – National Hockey League
• NFL- National Football League

Amazon Alexa APP Logo: Messaging and Call

Users can send messages to a receiver Alexa application, and also to all supported Echo devices associated with Amazon Account. Alexa can only send typed messages from Alexa App only. You send a message from the associated Echo device, Alexa limits as a voice message. Alexa can’t send video and photo.

Any home with more than one user member, one’s Alexa contacts are pooled across all of the devices that are registered to its associated account. That is, Alexa app can only start conversations with Alexa contacts. Alexa messaging is available to anyone in one’s household. The same household can know any messages send. The messages feature does not contain protection PIN or password yet. The feature to block alerts for messages and call is temporarily by utilizing the DO Not Disturb Feature.

Amazon Alexa APP Logo: Business

Alexa for Business is a paid subscription service allowing companies to use Alexaconnect conference calls. Having schedule meeting rooms, and custom skills designed by third-party vendors. Notable skills are available from SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

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