ALLY OF LAGOS CULT LEADER SPEAKS: l regret killing people

ALLY OF LAGOS CULT LEADER SPEAKS: l regret killing people

The notorious of Shomolu/Bariga, a suburb of Lagos, has never been in uncertainty. Truth be told, the viciousness that encapsulates the zone resounds around Fadeyi and Jibowu city. From the western flank, it additionally spreads as wide flame, towards Gbagada and even Oworonshoki regions. Groups of thugs are presumed to sustain their ability in Shomolu/Bariga before growing their administrations to different zones of the state. It rivals Mushin and Ajegunle and their items pride themselves with unassailable forces to ‘slaughter and cover’.



Be that as it may, the Anti-clique Unit of the Lagos police made a leap forward after they captured three of the most feared individuals from the faction bunch at Somolu/Bariga. The suspects are asserted partners of the most needed speculated boss in the religious group called Jepro who supposedly begun his reign of fear in Somolu/Bariga territories of the state. Jepro is asserted to be into equipped theft, hijacking, cultism, and so forth and his supposed endeavors earned him the frightful epithet, Jepro, yet additionally noteworthy riches to appear for it. He supposedly displays his riches freely as much as he brags about his adventures in the criminal world. Police sources said he flaunts that no one can repress him and individuals from his supposed pack as a result of the bore of their backers. As per sources, their speculated supporters are for the most part top government officials who use and dump him as the need emerges.

It was found out that he has been in and out of jail severally and each time he has gotten, he gloats straightforwardly that he will be discharged. What’s more, it will later happen. That was the wrongdoing circumstance in Shomolu/Bariga zone until the table turned for individuals from his supposed group. Sources said Jepro, who has been on the needed rundown of the police for since quite a while ago, got away from a few times in the wake of perpetrating wrongdoing and endeavors made to capture him constantly finished in noughts. It was said that there was a period analysts trailed him to the jail and were anticipating to capture him after his discharge yet they were stunned after he vanished without following. Afterward, he re-surfaced after some speculated cultists struck in the zone and his name was noticeably referenced as the pioneer of the savagery that emitted amid their activity.

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