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AliExpress USA English – Sign up into AliExpress

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AliExpress USA English – Sign up into AliExpress | Some people might be thinking AliExpress does not ship to most popular countries Like USA or Canada. But that is not true. However, AliExpress is among the 10 top eCommerce platforms in the world and they have expanded to so many countries such as USA and Canada.

AliExpress USA English – Sign up into AliExpress

AliExpress USA English – About AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retailer platform whose head office located in China. This Chinese retailing giant Alibaba could be compared with the likes of Amazon and eBay.

It’s owned by Alibaba Group, which worth a multi-billion dollar corporation, started as a business-to-business buying and selling portal. This company has expanded from a business-to-business consumer, consumer-to-consumer, cloud computing, and payment services.

This online consumer marketplace for the nationwide buyer (AliExpress) while TaoBao is for China. Small business in China uses this platform to sell their product to the customer all over the world. Unlike Amazon, all of the sellers on AliExpress are a third party.

Sign up into AliExpress Using Facebook

The first method to sign up into AliExpress is by using Facebook account or Google+ for quick access. Below is how to go about it;

Enter the website in your device:

At the top right sides of the page click on the join icon to register.

At the bottoms of the home page click on Facebook icon.

 A page will open where you will enter your Facebook username and password to use your account.

Once you log in to Aliexpress,  you will receive the following information: Public profile, profile photo, age gender and other public information as well as your email.

NOTE:  here your data, friends list and photo will appear on the app so this method of registration is saved. The application will not know your username and password except the necessary information you fill on your Aliexpress profile.

Sign up on Aliexpress using email

This method required you to go direct to the site URL and enter all the necessary information as requested on the page in English (Latin Letters).

Second Method to Sign up on Aliexpress using email

Enter on your device.

Once you open the home page.

Click on the join icon to register at the top side (if you don’t have an account yet).

Enter email


And “Click creates”.

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