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Aliexpress USA – How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller

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Aliexpress USA, Whichever country you are from being rest assures that you can sign up on Aliexpress and your package will get to you as long as you receive post from your office. So some  USA users wondering if they can sign up on Aliexpress, the answer is yes you can. To make orders, get discounts and coupons code you need to be a seller on Aliexpress.  Though you can buy as a guest it will deprive you of some benefit. Here is what you need to know about Aliexpress USA –How to sign up on  Aliexpress as a seller.

Aliexpress USA

Table of Contents

  1. How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller
  2. How to Sign up on Aliexpress using Mobile App
  3. How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller
  4. How to Sign up on AliExpress if your Account was Blocked
  5. Aliexpress USA

1. Aliexpress USA – How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller

This website is translated into multiple languages, so you can choose from the catalogue form your native language. Apart from that, the price is displayed in your local currency. Recommended: AliExpress USA English – Sign up into AliExpress

How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller

There is no charges attached to creating an account is totally free. The registration is a way to show who want to become a customer on AliExpress.

Using social media account to sign up like Facebook, Google, Vik and other companies is the easiest way to sign up.

NOTE: If you are signing up with your social media handle, we suggest you go to “My Profile” section and specify your contact information there if your social media name does not correspond with your contact information. In the “the Shipping address”.

Better still you can decide to sign up with your email. Enter in your email address and password you want to use and then click “Create Account”. And go to your inbox to click the verification link sent to you.

Aliexpress USA - How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller

 Once the registration is done, you can now add your payment details. Then you are good to go.

2. How to Sign up on Aliexpress using Mobile App

Using the mobile app to sign up is the same on the website. You can decide to use any of this social media handle, phone number or email address.

The most interesting part about the mobile app is that it is always at hand. Which mean you can always get the notifications about your orders on time. So this will help you to monitor your parcel and keep you up to date. This is most important when you make several purchases from different sellers.

NOTE: There is a special bonus for mobile app users on Aliexpress, so it is advisable you install the app and use it for your purchases.

3. How to Sign up on AliExpress as a Seller

There are some limitations when it comes to applying as sellers in AliExpress.  This platform majorly works with those legal entities that have Chinese anchors, such as”

•        Register Sim card in china.

•        Warehouse in china with a real address.

•        Having account in one of the Chinese banks.

•        Confirmation that you are a genuine person residing in china.

Before now they only accept an application from a Chinese seller, but the case is no longer like that.  Now an individual entrepreneur can register or a legal company can register in one of the following countries; China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey and France.

It’s very simple to register as a seller on Aliexpress but you have to make sure you have the entire necessary business license within your reach. Go to the website on AliExpress sellers’ registration and fill in the 3-steps form.

First Step: Create an Account

You have to first choose your tax country. And mind you, you wouldn’t be able to change the shop tax country once your registration is approved.

Once that is done, enter your email, password.

Navigate the verification slider to the right to make it green.

Check the membership Agreement window.

Then, press “Continue”.

So go to your email inbox and copy the verification code sent to you by Alibaba Group and enter it on the open window and press ”Continue” button.

Note: if you have any difficulties in the process, reach out to the support team in China. Though, they might charge you for a fee for the interpreter if you don’t speak Chinese.

Second step: Business information

In this place, you will be required to enter all your company detail and attach a copy of your Business License.


So once your company’s details are added, they will require you to fill in a similar form for a legal representative of your company.

Third step: Application Review

After adding all the information required. Check the Terms and Conditions box and submit your application for review and notification on the decision taken will be sent to your email.

Application mostly gets approved, once your application is approved go ahead and launch your store on the most top retailer shopping platform in the world.

4. How to Sign up on AliExpress if your Account was Blocked.

User can have their account block for different reasons: constant change of name or payment details such as regular disputes with sellers etc. in some case it’s possible to reactivate the account by contacting the support team and show evidence that your account was blocked groundlessly, in a situation your account is blacklisted, forget about it nothing you can do about. The only solution to that is to create a new profile by following these steps below:

Use a new email address or phone number.

Use another browser or VPN.

Add a new bank detail if any.

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