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Airbnb Payoneer Card – How to Apply

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Airbnb Payoneer Card – Have you used Airbnb  Payoneer Card before? Here, is a platform where people have the right to rent a home that suits them during their vacation or tourism. That is, Airbnb allows its users to feel comfortable at home when they are on a journey. This company was launch in the year 2009. They are having millions of users all over the world and is still counting. Their client has rapidly increased tremendously as users can now withdraw their funds with Payoneer. Here is how Airbnb work.

Airbnb Payoneer Card

Airbnb Payoneer Card  – How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb is an online platform where users are allowed to rents their apartments or properties out to Guests. And the Airbnb will have some commission from each booking that each of their users made. The commission is taken from both the host (the one that rent his or her apartment out) and the user(the person that book to use the apartment) payments.

The amount the host t is charge is fixed while the guest is charge about 6% to 12 %. The platform is fun to use. One trending about them is users can now withdraw their payments and make payments with Payoneer.

There are some benefits to using Airbnb. Some of these are people use this platform to meet new people who want reservations. While others just need someplace were their need could be met. This platform is users friendly, you can use it without stress.  If you are already using this platform as a host, this article will guide you on how to receive money through Payoneer.

Airbnb Payoneer Card – How to use Payoneer in receiving payouts

Recently, Airbnb allows its users in some countries to use Payoneer to withdraw their payments. To know if is available in your countries, search for it when adding payment method in your Airbnb account. Mind you, you also need to have Payoneer card and activate Payoneer master card in your Payoneer account.

Airbnb Payoneer Card – Getting a Payoneer account

It is very simple to have a Payoneer account. All you need to do is sign up as a new customer with Airbnb in their official Payoneer webpage or via Airbnb payout page. After they will ask you for a card. If you do not know how to Sign up with Payoneer you can follow the instruction below;

Enter their URL “” in any of your devices

Click the Sign Up page at the page bottom.

Enter your information as required and click next

Choose a password  you can remember

Enter your national identity number

Click on next and sign up.

How to reset Payoneer password

For you to reset your Payoneer password, here, is what you need to do;

Go to their webpage “

Click on forget the password.

Enter your email.

Confirm your mobile number to receive your verification code.

Enter the code that was sent to you and set your password.

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