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Again, police raid Abuja clubs, arrest 70 women

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Dancers at Nightclub — Image by © PNC/Brand X/Corbis

Less than two weeks after police officers arrested 30 women at different night clubs in Abuja, another 70 women have been arrested.

The most recent arrest was done on Saturday night and the victims were taken to and detained at a police station, a witness said.

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Martin Obono, lawyer and activist, said he saw when the ladies were conveyed to a police headquarters in Utako, Abuja on Saturday night.

He said some of the ladies were blamed for prostitution. He likewise proposed some had been sexually abused by the security officials.

Mr Obono shares his experience to PREMIUM TIMES after first posting them on Twitter.

“As I type, 70 girls were arrested and brought to Utako Police station last night. This is in addition to the ones who were arrested on Friday night. Their offence; clubbing and in some instance, prostitution. Some have been assaulted with injuries in their vaginas.

“One of the ladies arrested has a 2-month old baby. She wasn’t allowed to breastfeed her baby by CRO in charge on duty despite continuous plea amidst tears. It took the intervention of a female police officer who called the DPO to overrule the decision of the inspector at the time.

“The joint task force that arrested some of these girls have been allegedly molesting and assaulting them. Some even showed the bruises and bleeding in their vaginas,” Mr Obono wrote on his Twitter handle.

Although prostitution is illegal in the Nigerian capital, law enforcement officials have used it as an excuse to assault and harass women who go out at night in the city.

When the officials raid the night clubs, they hardly arrest any men, but arrest women they believe are ‘scantily dressed’ and accuse them of prostitution.

Despite repeated reports that these women are sometimes sexually abused by the security officials, no investigation has been done by the authorities. None of the culpable officials has also been brought to justice.

An Unclear Culture

In spite of the fact that night club are permitted in Abuja, a considerable lot of them are always attacked by the police and different agencies.

Around about fourteen days back, Premium Times reported how a few authorities of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), attacked a popular night club, Caramelo, and captured 34 female nude dancers

This has driven numerous inhabitants of the city to address what is legal or unlawful in the Nigerian capital.

“A capital city like Abuja needs to characterize its principles in the event that it needs to be traditionalised or liberal,” Mr Obono wrote.

Fate of victims Uncertain

At the point when a PREMIUM TIMES correspondent visited the Utako Police station on Sunday evening to gather more information on the arrest, she was denied access into the building.

The police officers on duty said no one would be enabled access to the ladies aside from with a letter from the police headquarters.

This correspondent at that point put a call through to the Abuja police spokesperson, Danjuma Tanimu.

Mr Danjuma said he was not aware of the development.

“I am simply hearing this story now, however, I will affirm and get back to you tomorrow,” he said.

PREMIUM TIMES discovered that a considerable lot of the ladies were still at the police headquarters on Sunday night.

As is regularly the situation, huge numbers of them would either need to bribe their way to freedom or allow themselves to be sexually abused by the male police officers. The individuals who decline to do either could be charged to court on Monday.


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